Fans Thanksgiving, the correct open mode – eat chicken shopping, you have to look at the football!

When I blinkped to Thanksgiving, I was awarded by the two f, and the little friends didn’t want to be 歪. We are talking about Food (Gourmet) and Football (Rugby). In the minds of Americans, the importance of Thanksgiving is second only to Christmas. This is a grateful day, people go to the church as a custom; this is a reunion day, and people who are in the north of Heaven gathered to share the turkey together. As fans, it is of course also to watch the Thanksgiving Wars, in addition to this, what interestable activities are fans? We together look!

A good dinner is shared together, a good time spent together. This is perfect in the classic American drama “Friends”, almost the 8th and 9th episodes of each season, coincides with Thanksgiving, and the ten seasons have constituted a Thanksgiving memoir. In addition to the eating rooster dinner, six of the six protagonists in the third quarter gave a rugby, “The Geller Bowl”, Monica and Ros (Monica) Ross is still in a rising ball, so others enjoying the grateful meals at home, they are still squatting on the ground. As the saying goes, the drama is from life but life is far more than the drama. The old friend remembering rugby this scene is also a true portrayal of the fans. In the afternoon of Thanksgiving, about three or five friends come to a family football game, I will take a name “XX bowl “, Such a life is really pleasant.

In addition to “Old Friends”, another family-known rugby film “The Blind side” also reflects how the Americans spend Thanksgiving, and Mr. Tao Xi will get up early in Thanksgiving morning, ready to be rich at noon. After the Thanksgiving dinner, each person dug a spoonful of salad or a few muffins quickly squatted to the TV set, and of course, some official families will first sit in front of the table. Pray. Thanks to God, then I can’t wait to watch the Thanksgiving Wars, just like the movie. Of course, if you are not a family, you will feel that there is no Thanksgiving atmosphere. With the advancement of scientific and technological progress, the era development, slowly become a habit of living, just like New Year’s Eve and CCTV Spring Festival Gala, like Chinese, Thanksgiving Day and NFL’s Thanksgiving War for Americans essential. Today, the turkey and rugby game have become an indispensable element of this holiday.

Americans love the football is a name, so that the fans of rugby will be ridiculed to say that the Thanksgiving arrangement of the olive fans is very simple, basically ask three questions. The first is that “the Detroit Lion is full of disturbing tooth?” The second question “Dallas denim will cry shouted?” Third Question “The remaining turkey let who eat? ? “As long as Thanksgiving asked these three questions, you are almost the same as the Americans in the earth.

Every year, Thanksgiving fans will drag their hooded, call friends on the lawn near the community, take a tent, while BBQ (open-air barbecue) look at the game. In addition to turkey, they will put pudding, cream eggs, pumpkins, etc., and love the fans of the beer will also in the refrigerator on the car. There are several bottles of beer on the car, and the people passing by don’t care whether you are the US president or The street tramp, I know that I don’t know how to drink a cup.

In the Thanksgiving, there is certainly less laughter, in addition to NFL, most high school will arrange a school team competition in Thanksgiving, all students, parents, and even general residents will go to help, this is the true source of rugby tradition. Some schools will also have the NFL Thanksgiving Wars, and the team of victory will serve the turkey dinner. Of course, the parents will let the children learn to share, share the fire chicken dinner with the failed team.

New York’s fans will also participate in Messi Department Store during the day, although Messi Department Store has to quit China, but this still does not hinder its annual Thanksgiving. On this day, in New York, Manhattan, the streets of Manhattan, you can see the lively crowd and a huge parade team, you can say that this is a Thanksgiving popularity program. The big parade will have the hot giant cartoon image balloon all the way, such as sponge babies, green giants and Sisto, in addition to this fans will also wear the jerseys and caps of each team in the parade team, The jet fans hit the giant fans will also abandon your friendly grip.

The Thanksgiving Day is indirectly playing the prelude of Black Friday (Black Friday), because the NFL game is the best partner of Thanksgiving, this day, no matter whether you fans will watch the rugby game, so the sales volume of TVs and various foods It will grow geometry, according to statistics, 88% of Americans will eat 46 million turkeys on the day of Thanksgiving, these turkeys can be filled with 575 body stadiums, and the average of 4,500 kW, equivalent to Houston Dezhou defensive star JJ-Watt requires half of the energy (9000cal) every day, which has a vital impact on the US economy, and even economic experts use the last rate of Thanksgiving competition to predict the US economy. data. It is said that the madness before Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, a large number of shoppers flooded into the business center of various city streets, which often leads to some stepping events and traffic congestion, so rugby for Americans’ social influence It’s really huge.

On this day, the players who have no competition are also busy. Because the players who have participated in the competition on the weekend, some players who have been away from home cannot reunite with their families. When the San Francisco 49-angle Wei Richard-Shelman is still in Seattle, the Haiying team will invite himself in the case of no game. Some people are alone in Seattle, but also because of the chase friends who can’t go home in the game. Some happy loyalty to participate in public welfare activities, invite those who need help to send warm Thanksgiving dinner in the community. Some of the family girlfriend visited the home of other teams. For example, all the players of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers in Dallas have watched the Thanksgiving Wars of the Cowboy.

In addition to the players in the game, the players are fascinating. Fans who go to the scene are often even a good play. They shouted for the beloved team, and they want to be the focus of photographers, some fans dress themselves. A turkey, a flower branch, thinking is a peacock; some fans put the hats of the turkey shape on the head, it is said that there is still a fans in history, I don’t know. How is it taken?

For fans, a cup of ice beer, a fierce Thanksgiving War and his favorite football team, really not better than this ~

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