Expectant? Howard is complained: no matter what others say, the Lakers will not fight in the finals!

Beijing time on November 30, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. As of today, the Lakers’ score has only 11 wins and 11 losses, far below the expectations of fans. Among them, the old Huo Wah did not reuse this season, and the average was only 13.6 minutes, and 4.8 points 4.9 rebound 0.4 Assistance 0.6 https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com cover.

What is surprising is that Howard has released some emotions in front of the media in the near future, including complaints, and selection 75 high superstars. Earlier this earlier, Howard has repeatedly talked https://www.nbatrikots4.com about the incompetent treatment of himself in Ci Shiping.

Howard said this: “I don’t know how people look at the park rematch (2020 post-match), we stayed in it three months, before we prepare to enter the park, my son’s mother has just passed away. I don’t I know what people will say, but if I don’t have to be in Jikiqui, the Lakers can’t enter the finals. So, no matter what others say, I have contributed to the championship. This is not just the contribution I am on the scene. I have also passed my voice and existence, and I have been playing a positive role for the team. “

It has to be said that since the beginning of the new season, Howard is in the lakes of the Lakers. In the 2nd game, he and Davis broke out the internal incident, which later ended with Howard clarified before the media. After that, Howard has repeatedly https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com “fire guns” in interviews, expressing dissatisfaction with salary and other aspects.

There is even a fan guess that Howard may be determined to leave the Lakers, so it will be so regardless of the team’s face. More media guess, Howard was from DNP in the last game, but also due to the recent release of too many misconducts.

But regardless of how the outside world is evaluated, Howard is still a member of the Lakers. I hope he can find his own state in the next game and get the reuse of Woger.