Escape the three-person defensive left hand completed the magical one, the next elite quadrant

Patrick – Mahms II, the NFL is a red fried chicken, even breaks the record of two weeks, three weeks reached a record. “If you are good enough, you have enough to be old enough.” This proverb is obviously not suitable in the emirate. Shen Wei has been ignorant, and Shuguang is now, Mahmus leads the team’s three consecutive winnings to break the records, it is obvious that he has reached the inclusion of the inclusion.

Ok, he is very good, but he did not experience the trial of the top defensive group – these speech usually all the keyboarders imagined through the game data. However, after the end of Monday night, there will be a lot of chiefs who have taken overnight. All fans have closed their mouths to show a “good king, report king” “I want to make monkeys for you” Strange painting.

The reverse winning wins on Monday night game, let Mahmus jumped out of the cold data and the big competition in the whole American live broadcast, presented in front of the world. God seems to have written the script for him, designed for him to be the most popular bridge in the short term. In the fourth game, the Denver wild horse team played the free kick of 46 yards in the Denver Manga team, allowing the team to get 10 points of leading advantages, left to the Kansas Emirates and The four-dimensional Swan Holmes only has only 13 minutes, and they must complete at least once a decline and a free score.

Although there is a mushroom to get the account, Marhms is in the entire competition, and the first half he passed the 65 yards 0 times the data; to know, the previous three In the game, the Mahums ratio of the team with more than 65 yards, the number of advances, the number of times.

A excellent quadrant can play 4 times, 6 times a game, and from excellent to great routes, adversity is an indispensable ring. Destiny is this trial in this way. He is facing more than 10 points of disadvantages, but also the seven-zero-seven-zero-seven-zero, which is made by the other words, and the defensive group. It is not true (the first three-week Emirates the Ball defense alliance, the number of lost code is the first). Even NFL Well-known writers Pasca said that the Aeriobes should continue to try trader-Thomas, because Ji Thomas left only one leg, it is also good than anyone in the second line of the Emirates.

What should I do if the issue of offensive front line? Cold mix. Mahms used their own flexible steps to run out their pockets, try to get a living with their own legs, this game, his password in the pocket is as high as 192 yards, and the most demand in ten years. The first wave of attack, Mahms passed 84 yards, with the connection of the close-end Edge Caylee got a reach of the recovery score.

Even so, at this moment, the fans of Denver are still sitting in front of the TV. You are a young, let you know that you know the no-fly zone! The game can be added difficulty like video games. Mahmus has been born with more heart-driven madness. Although he only suffered a killing, but there was 9 injured data, which means he many times. A flash of killing will go out. At the same time, the fouling of the Emirates began to pit, making Mahms have to face more long code.

Unfortunately, everything is so fast – stems from the left hand of the history book. The greater the difficulties, the more you can break a person’s limit, and Mahmems showed a four-dimensional survival meaning.

There are more than 3 minutes left, three files, 5 yards, Mahms is forced to the edge of the cliff, I saw him moved to the left side of the offensive front line, but the speed of the sharp line and the wild horse team The star line, the star line, Yifeng Miller, made him unspeakable, very obvious, the first choice for this offense must be failed. At this time, Miller has hugged the legs of Mahms, so that it is about to kill in the bag; just between this electric stone fire, Mahmus has a red light, it is the disease. The whirlwind Terrek Hill, I saw Marhms on the ground, change the ball from the right hand to the left hand, and strike it. Hill’s steady can’t catch the ball, the next time I get the first attack!

“Killing is just a head, why is it to die.” Mahms this murdered the ball ignited the team’s morale. Thoroughly, the wild horses, the wild horse player HOLD has gradually collapsed a whole psychological line.

Killer! Killer!

The following plot will be syndrome, two files 30 yards? The wild horse player may have to drive Mahms out of the pocket, but can’t stop him running the table. With Carm Hunter’s rushing, the score is fixed in the 24-20 Emirates.

Of course, now put Mahms with a lot of elite quarters, and it is still a matter of time; but from his body, you can see some excellent quadrant shadows. Mobile skills outside the pocket, strong escape consciousness, killing the edge to find the opportunity to hit the enemy, will these will let you think that the green dress is magical?

In the fourth quarter 16, the 153 yards pass the ball to reach the ball, and the team won 14-reversed transfer competition. Mahmems gave the answer to God’s examination, what is more quickly attracting fans than such a game? Choosing Marhms means you have chosen bloody, proud, not afraid of any opponent, after reading the ball, you will have the passion of the hand-backed Dubai Tower. That’s right, there is a can now, and there is also a future, this is the Chief of Kansas City.

Hey, a young dream, this is the only thing that Mahmus can stick to the predicament, after that? Adult Wang Hou, or the loser thief? No one knows, but Mahmus understands that even if the mountain is exhausted, the blood of the Dragon Slayer should continue to burn!

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