Eating T is a good thing? Curi high-quality business response technology is penalized, Cole praised: he cheered up

Curry is the first shot of history. The active player does not have the opponent of Kuri. I am talking about the three-point play, but the Curry is strong in addition to the three-pointers, his comprehensive ability is very strong and defensive. It is also very hard to bring your teammates anytime, anywhere, the warrior is successful, Curry is an indispensable team soul, even if it is good in the game?

It is not a good thing, although Leiji-Jackson executes technical free throws, the problem is that the Curry is a little, and it will not be sentimental due to the mutual rush, but instead of venting his emotions. Curry uses unfoliated three-pointer performance, completely leads the warrior to play the attack wave to
harvest the game, and the whistle of the referee can not prevent the library from winning, so the performance is really impeccable, even at the press conference, Curry’s leaders are at a glance, and high-quality business responded to the topic of technical foul, so that you think T is not necessarily wrong, but it is a good thing.

Curry was appointed by Mann, but the referee chose ignored, causing the lens of Curry to eat T, obviously the problem, but Curry talks about this technical foul, and Curre expresses himself. Just let the emotions to vent, thus infecting their teammates, borrowing flowers to make their teammates, so they can find a turning point of breaking the deadlock, so Kuri is also very happy to say: After (eating technical foul), we open The situation.

In short, there is no need to hint the referee if the technical foul is not, because the leakage of the referee is visible, and the technical foul becomes a spiritual tool that encourages teammates. Curry is the performance of the leader. After the game, such a high-quality businessman responded to this topic, the Curre was really sleek.

The technical foul in the referee, the Warriors coach Cole is also asked, like Curry, Kori did not hit how the referee, Cole proclaimed the library: Coiri knows that he is right, he competes in the heart Just appeared, he will become a bit lost reason, which obviously makes him cheer.

No need to mention the referee, but the referee caused double damage. It is not wrong. It is the judgment of the referee. Let the library have lost reason, but also inspiring the competition of Curry, let the library vain, do it behind the continuous hit 3 Remember the moment of three-pointers and stroning, for the Warriors, they would like to thank the referee, eat T is not a good thing in the blowing library? Take a look at the netizens spit up, and the referee will make the referee so blow, you can let the Curry hit it.

The referee is indeed in the library, and the game in this game is presented 4 fouls, or the body mountainee is mainly, but Cook is confronted by Mann, the air on the sky is confronted with the losing of the body balanced landing, actually I don’t have a whistle. It seems that the resensil in the library is too high. So I eat t, I have got a definiteness and praise in the library, and Cole eats T of T in Cook, it is undoubtedly a high-quality business ironic referee. .