Dolphins beat Ravens 22-10 star cornerback Howard put back offensive touchdowns as turning point

Beijing time on November 12, NFL first started the tenth week of the regular season game Thursday night, sits at home against the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens enemies. The game placid, the two sides appear touchdown until the fourth quarter. Dolphins quarterback put on injury leave Bristol Seth Tua, and the star cornerback after Howard picked up the ball off the back touchdowns to become a turning point in the game. After 60 minutes of fierce battle, score frames at 22-10, the Dolphins beat the Ravens.

Game review

Crow will be opening the first wave of attack spoils, the road team won consecutive offensive yardage large, cumulative advance 41 yards. But after Jackson missed the ball too large a touchdown ball, Justin – Tucker hit play 46 yards free kick, 3-0.

Before the end of the first game, Ravens kicker Tucker missed a free kick 48 yards, this is his second time this season, missed the kick.

The middle of the second period, Tua pass a hanging wire tight end Shaheen, who completed the ball back. But before the end zone, dolphins put an end to this wave of offensive fouls, had to give Jason – Sanders carried 31 yards free kick, dolphin tie the game 3-3.

Before the end of the game the first half, the Dolphins finally launched a wave of offensive quarterback than Peja – Bristol Seth connection Isiah – Fuld completed several large yards 52 yards forward, then kicker debut hit free kick, the first half score frames at 6-3, the dolphins lead.

Section end of the game, Bristol Seth injury leave, so the original injury was a roster of Tua – 塔格瓦罗拉 had Injured play, after his debut connection Jay – Waddle complete 32 yards advance.

Fourth quarter, re-use pattern precision ball hit the front end zone one yard, but because two consecutive fouls, Sanders had come kick hit again, 9-3 crow dolphins.

Game 3 minutes 37 seconds to the fourth quarter, Ravens quarterback Sam Jackson to – pass Watkins, who appeared off the ball. After the dolphin star cornerback Howard create their own off the ball that he grabbed the ball back to attack and destroy Huanglong complete touchdowns, but the subsequent two-point conversion is not completed, the score to 15-3.

Ravens last moment finally wake up, connect Rashad Jackson – Pateman completion of 20 yards forward, which is already the largest number of code crow today. Jackson then found tight end Mark in the end zone – Andrews touchdown, Crow pulled one back, the score 15-10.

After the ball came here dolphins, Tua found unmarked on the left side of the wide receiver Albert – Wilson, who bolted 64 yards came directly within the red zone. 1 yard front end region, FIG own red ball touchdowns A seal the victory, the score 22-10.

Player data

Dolphins: Quarterback pass Tua 13 8 1 advancing 158 yards rushing touchdowns; Wilson took over four times the ball forward 87 yards; cornerback Howard manufacturing fumble + + back to grab the ball off the offensive touchdowns

Crow: Quarterback Jackson 43 pass 26 advancing 238 yards 1 touchdown and steals; Everett Andrews 6 times the ball forward 63 yards 1 touchdown

Summary of the game

Dolphin is obviously better prepared for the game’s side, especially on defense, either pass or run the ball not to crow too many chances. But suffer from weak offensive team, dolphins can only be done by a flash of pass forward. Dolphins often hit the red zone, only to kick ending, this is their biggest problem. Ravens hope to open up the situation with the road to attack, but unfortunately did not work today. Finally relying on the defense group, especially Howard’s back that offensive touchdowns, helping the Dolphins match verdict.