Director of Football Association: Chinese football must have a successful 14 billion people who can find football talents.

Belgian football, now Fan Pueville, the Chinese Football Association Technology Director, recently talked about his views on Chinese football, and he firmly believed that Chinese football can succeed, just take time.

When talking about the topic about Chinese football, Fan Puee said: “The flexibility of Chinese players is very important, this is important in football. We come from different races, each race has its own characteristics. So I think we should carry forward your strengths, not too much attention to your own problems. “

“If you come to my office, I don’t want to hear you to tell me what is wrong. What we want to discuss how to face challenges. The more senior coach, the more you pay attention to the player’s personal, he It will teach Soccer Jersey Discount this team how to collaborate. “

“In the young population, we also have some talented players, so we need to start from the establishment of the grassroots team, which allows more people to participate in the sports movement of the football, this is like the pyramid At the end, the tower is the national team. “

“China has a population of 1.4 billion, we have a lot of opportunities to find talents suitable for us, even if he is just a grassroots player. I hope that every athlete can have unique quality, we will combine these qualities together, A very good team. “

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Talking about the topic of young players, Fan Puee said: “I am paying attention to the most preferred place of young players, just see if they can enjoy football, this is one of my most valuable quality. Football is interesting, you need to be happy Among them. I hope that young people are happy during playing, this is the beginning of your dream. “

“One World Cup, we led Belgium to the Tunnes, the game was won, we held a ‘family day’ activity in the team, but also let the chef prepared delicious barbecue. Then we suddenly discovered that the team members were gone, and later We found a piece of grass on the side, see Azar, Melten, where they play, they just completed a fierce competition Soccer Jersey Discount 3 hours ago, now they play with the children, emit out Since the era of enthusiasm, this feeling is too wonderful. “

Subsequently, Fan Pilder pointed to the two maps of the office: “This is the map of Belgium, the other is China map, how many Belgium’s area is equivalent to a Chinese? We have done an animation, China Map is Belgium The map is filled with a total of 315 times. “

“In this case, if the Belgium of 11 million people can get the FIFA world in 2 years, then China has 315 times the opportunity to reach this goal.”

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