Chinese football is still in the ice cycle again:Indian news

The Chinese football professional football has been in more than 30 years. In the past ten years, it is touched that the stone crossing the river and tried to commercialize, and the professional football; when it was a bit like the model, I broke into the decades cycle, this cycle of the ball, the black whistle Everything is true; with the “Golden Yuan Football” ten-year gold development cycle; the fourth year, I thought that Chinese football will make persistent efforts, who knows with Chen Yunyuan’s entrance, a series of policies, plus epidemic relations, China Football is again falling into the ice cycle. Let’s talk about the influence of the Chinese football in the Lord Football Association.

1, the player pays a salary.The first year of rushing is the foreign aid. These two years of foreign teachers foreign aid have left. As the remaining big foreign aid contract expires, the super super competition has no big-name foreign aid, and the Super League will once again enter the inner fighting inner, and the overturudes; Secondly, the affected is to prepare, U21 pay before tax payable can not exceed 300,000 yuan, can be more than 900 minutes of the game, think about the investment of youth training, then calculate the improvement of yourself, change your parents, you Still willing to send your child to you? Change You is a club manager,Lionel messi Jersey are you willing to spend time to do a project that is not high? The middle influence is the existing player, the same time period, because the contract must accept a limited salary, but some people think that some people may be lower than them, but they have a high treatment than them, their bitterness Who tells? If a buffer is given, for example, the Football Association intercepts the longest contract period for the club, gives them a buffer. You can make a short-term contract with the club before the deadline is based on personal abilities, give them a process of maximizing the value, all contracts Is it more user-friendly after the expiration of the new regulations? Secondly, the U21 player’s limited salary, how to feel how to feel age discrimination, this measures individual thinks must fight the enthusiasm of parents, and Manchester United Jersey is a fatal blow for youth training.

2. Club is limited.Don’t cut a knife to limit the upper limit of the Super Club in the year. What a year is limited to 6 billion, but it requires the club’s financial disclosure. According to the club’s revenue, you can make more investment, you can invest more about the club operation. In the middle, then you don’t make money, limit your restrictions and salary caps. Secondly, it is necessary for the blood transfusion of the parent company, according to the club’s response situation, allowing the parent company to add a percentage of investment. In this case, the club will look at his revenue to spend money, rather than the blood transfusion of the mother company, caught in a vicious circle; and also blocking the club of the club of the business capabilities, Soccer Jersey Discount not in the pot, big pot average .

Implement the club financial balance within 3, 3-5 years.If the above-mentioned limited salary limit is a throttle, where is the source? Chen Yunyuan entered the Lord Football Association for the past two years, not only did not see its open source capability, but also because a series of policies leaded to the large-scale professional league brand, and the Football Association is far higher than the club, the club does not have independent management rights, and the financial balance Ah; there is also a professional alliance advocated during the Shanggang Club, two years have passed, where is the occupational alliance? Speaking of the end or the distribution problem, how is this big income Football Association to pay money? There is also a proposal for football lottery, and now I don’t mention it, I don’t know if this proposal is not in the dead belly. If you want the club to achieve financial balance, the Football Association must be separated by government and enterprises, the management department is separated, and the league management rights will be handed over to the professional alliance, and the income will be returned to the club, and try to improve the image and value of the Super League, Outover Otherwise, everything is empty.

4, the neutral name of the club.Although many people think this is an important cornerstone of the 100-year club, from the perspective of commercialization, only companies with sustained profitability may continue to develop for a hundred years, and there is no profitable business model and business must be eliminated by the market. Obviously, to create a hundred years of club, the name is not the most important, only a hundred years of league with continuous hematopoietic blood supply capacity, there may be a hundred years of club. Moreover, in the current income of the League Club, the buddhist blood blood is still big, and your company’s advertising benefits have been taken away, ask Chen Yueyuan, are you an investor, are you willing to invest football? Are you willing to promote Chinese football from your friends? How many people are your friends who are willing to invest in China? Therefore, the neutral name is not the most urgent, the most urgent is how to open source draftes, how to improve the value of the league brand, how to return the management right to the club to the club, how to create stronger, more competitive More ornaable league to enhance the league brand premalency ability ~~~ As long as the club can hear a lot of blood, gradually depth from the blood transfusion of the parent company, gradually independently operate, what is the name?

5, club equity diversification.Through the diversification of equity, it can promote the club to improve the governance structure and establish a modern enterprise system. It is believed that this is a good way to maintain a stable development of the club, which can effectively reduce the impact of parent companies or single shareholders’ business risks on the club. This problem and the fourth image are likely to achieve 4-5 points. The first premise is that the club achieves financial balance and hematopoietic ability. I don’t think the Western mode is the best mode, so don’t learn Western models. China has China’s national conditions, you should look for the club mode in line with China, should allow national enterprises, famous enterprises, have diversified models, etc., suitable for yourself. But in the final analysis, the league has hematopoietic transparency, otherwise there is money, and it is not possible to invest in unnamed and unparalleled Chinese football. It is not good to change the name.

6. In order to give up the league of the league.Due to the national epidemic prevention and control, Chen Yueyuan will debris the league in order to the men’s football preliminaries, seriously hurt the league. Look at Chen Yongyuan to deal with men and holds, zoom in to the management of him to enter the Lord Football Association, there are many serious bid management, such as: 1) What is the use of the championship, why is Chen Yueyuan to see the national football score? Look at the President of the Football Association, the original Chen Yingyuan is directly responsible for the national football, the performance of men and foots may be related to Chen Yunyuan’s stay; 2) Shouting Club investors engage in “Jin Yuan Football” Looking back, I use Jinyuan Football on the National Football Preliminary – single winning rewards 6 million yuan. Ask Chen Yueyuan, you always take the country’s money to do “public welfare football”, is conscience not pain? 3) Many occasions should pay attention to the Qing training. For the play of U23, continue to use the U23 policy, national football? Have you used the young player who exercise out in League? Continue to use a group of 30+ players, do you really pay attention to the results of yourself? 4) About the use of the originator and the Grand Taiwan players, the mutant is in the mutant, and the use of the player and the Evergrande player. This is believed to see it in the eyes.

If this time the world is faded, the league is constantly turning, and what the professional alliance before, it is not in place, and there is no hope for young training. I will know how Chen Yueyuan will face Chinese fans.

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