Chinese football is more wrong! Luneng Henan Football Association Cup violation, the football cooperation is not expressed

The domestic competition Football Cup has been close to the end of the event, Shandong Taishan and Henan Lushan Longmen, Shanghai Harbor and Shanghai Shenhua semi-finals will be started. Due to the first round of the first round of the first round, the second round is very different for the two teams. Shanggang has almost locked a quota of the finals, the second round may appear the intentions, and the application of Shenhua is this A war of honor, Shenhua is advanced, but does not want to leave regrets.

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And Lu Can and the Henan team here is completely different. Lu Can first rounded the opponent 1-0, and then add a lot of injuries in the team because of this competition. Hao Wei is The second round of the troops, so Luneng and Henan who can advance to the finals are quite suspense. However, before the start of the second round, some people have questioned some details of the first round of competitions. This detail may directly affect the trend of Luneng and Henan promotion, enough to explain the seriousness of the problem.

It is understood that this dispute is that the Henan team uses the use of illegal players in the first round of Luneng’s semi-final, and the Henan team’s U23 player Liu Jiahui, and the foreign aid front Klalamad has accumulated two yellow cards, according to the rules, they should have been Stop, but it appeared in the final round of Lu Can first. According to the rules, the red yellow card generated after the first round of the Football Cup semi-final will not be accumulated, but the previously generated will be accumulated and until the semi-finals will be removed, and Liu Jiahui and the two yellow cards in Karaga. The suspension should take effect in the semi-final.

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Liu Jiahui’s two yellow cards came from the competition against the Chongqing team and the Sichuan nine cow, Karanga got a yellow card in Chongqing, and got two yellow cards in Sichuan nine bull and was fined, he did not only appear halfway. The final round and I got a yellow card. It is necessary to say that the rules of the Football Cup are ignored. Under normal circumstances, the Football Association will review the list submitted by the two teams. If there is a violation, it will not pass. I didn’t know how this situation occurs.

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Take another step, if you really missed the suspended player, then there is a remedial measures, that is, it is directly to judge the illegal team on the spot, which is the first round of the first round of Henan and Luneng. Judging 0-3 negative. And this season, there is no shortage of the game, such as the Football Cup preliminaries, Nantong’s supporting game 0-6 lost to Heilongjiang Ice City, but later, Heilongjiang did not use the U23 player violation, and finally rewritten Nantong. Junyun 3-0 Heilongjiang. Of course, through these examples, it can also reflect the discordance of the club, these situations can be avoided.

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News from Luneng current The Football Association is to understand this matter, but it is not currently replying to this matter. The second round of the two teams kicked in the case of the stranger, if Lu Can finally advanced in accordance with the 1-0 score, may not say something to the results, but if Lu Can be reversed, then the club will definitely not give up. For Luneng, which is a championship, if the Football Association does not have strict accordance with the rules, this is afraid that the fans will remember a lifetime. The original fans are very dissatisfied with the unprofessional of the Football Association. If Cheap Soccer Jerseythis is true Nothing is said.

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