Chi Shangbin died, he dedicated his life to Chinese football

Jay Ranfeng reported On March 6, 2021, Dalian Football Hall is Chi Shangbin to pass through the heart, enjoy the 72 years old. According to this newspaper, this morning, the late guidance also gave his brother’s later Yisheng WeChat, indicating that he wants to eat dumplings, but at noon, he was called the family to call him to eat, although the family quickly met. 120 emergency calls, but still failed to save the life of the delay. The bad news came, the football border was very sad. Although the latency is already retired in recent years, his death is still hot, he led the 55 unbeatered records obtained by the Dalian team, he assists rice as a help of teaching Lu led the national football team to enter the World Cup, so far to make Chinese fans unforgettable and grateful.

The reporter dialed his old disciple Wang Peng’s phone, and the sad Wang Peng has been trying to contact the delay in the US daughter, the delayed body farewell ceremony will be held on the 12th. Recalling the relatively guided past, Wang Peng said that he will always thank Chi Shangbin to guide the help and portaging of Dalian football generation.

Chi Shangbin was born on September 19, 1949, is one of China’s best players. Its represents the national team in 1976, 1980 Asian Cup, 1974, 1978, 1982, the three Asian Games football match, Major events such as the 23rd Olympic qualifiers in 1980. In the 1982 World Preliminaries, Chi Shangbin took the team to hit the World Cup and finally defeated. In 1982, Chi Shangbin hangs boots, admitted to the Beijing Sports Coach, and then went to Japan to study, returned to the country, he successively coached the Dalian Wanda, Sichuan Quanxing, Xiamen Yuanhua, Henan Jianye, Jiangsu Haotian, Shenzhen Jianlibao and other domestic teams. It is worth mentioning that Chi Shangbin led Dalian Wanda to create a 55-round record, and won the A a A League champion twice.

He is the captain of the strongest national football in Chinese football, one is five years! At that time, the national football team had ancient Guangming, Yongzhi, Shen Xiangfu, left tree, etc. in the future. On the strength, this national football team is definitely an Asian top level, which can become the national football team, enough to explain that Chi Shangbin’s prestige and qualifications are absolutely one number of Chinese football at the time. I have already stepped into the national football team in the 1982 Spanish World Cup. There is a Saudi-Pleasant water, which has led to the final national football and New Zealand, and the FIFA has never renewed China and New Zealand. Unfortunately, in this surcharge that can advance to the World Cup, the national football finally 1-12 loses from New Zealand, and sinking. It is not long after the World Cup qualifier, then the Chinese football key player has chosen to retire, and the Chinese football is over. In 1981, Chi Shangbin was awarded the Sports Honor Medal, and was elected for the representative of the 5th National People’s Congress.

After retired, Chi Shangbin embedded the coaches, in 1987 to 1995 he went to the Japanese League to learn, after studying in Japan, Chi Shangbin chose to return to China in 1995, creating 55 unbeaten myths, 26 games in 55 games, a total of 38 wins and 17 winners reached 69%. And this is the myth and legend of Dalian football.

On the day of the latency, the Chinese Football Association officially went to mourn, the mournful words wrote: “As a athlete and coach, Comrade Chi Shangbin dedicated a lifetime to Chinese football, and made an excellent contribution to the Chinese football. Chuan Shangbin ! “

In Wang Peng’s eyes, Chi Shangbin’s coach will always be so embarrassed, and the temperate is extraordinary. “I could joine Wanda, but also a loss of delay to give me an opportunity. I can become a member of Dalian’s most brilliant history. This is also my forever pride.” Wang Peng is Wanda, 1996, because age Small, so the initial latency is just five minutes or ten minutes to give him the opportunity, let him feel what is called a professional league. In 1997, Wang Peng, just 18-year-old, got a first opportunity, and scored a ball in the game of Guihaoxa, Chongqing. One of the three young players who have been cultivated by Chi Shangbin’s coach (the other two is Sun Jihai and Wu Jun), Wang Peng has always thanked the delay, and also celebrates the chance of seizing in the bigian team you can set.

Talking about the past of Chi Shangbin, Wang Peng said that because of the latency in Japan for many years, his cultivation and etiquette give people an impressive, “He rarely reprimand us, but it has Football Shirts Wholesale been encouraged, and after the game, He often says thank you for your payment. You all have worked hard. We will also say thank you coach, thank you for your teammates. At that time, the Dalian team is really a team of cohesiveness, a lot of personality players, but the late kit is very good “

For the outside world, the same team, who taught the championship, who took the consensus, Wang Peng is not agreeable, “Delayed guidance has his personality charm and coaching Lionel messi Jersey concept, his character Confuciors, but his It is very strong and attacked. The key is that his own qualifications make all of our team members to serve, his past is the team leader, playing skills, experience, experience, we are all admired. ” After Bin left the first line, Wang Peng has always contacted him. He impressed that Chi Shangbin did not continue to coach at the front line, and there is some relationship with the body.

“My impression in 2016 Old A A game, at that time, I was kicked in Shanghai. At that time, I had a old teammate to say that it is a heart stent surgery, it is easier to exhaust, but his mentality is very good, or willing to be football Do some contributions, later, I was responsible for some things Manchester United Jersey in the Chinese Football Association. I didn’t know very well, but I was sitting in the year ago, he was very good, so I really didn’t think of it. He said that he suddenly walked. “Said that Wang Peng’s voice was swallowed. For Wang Peng’s generation, Chi Shangbin brings Dalian football, which will never be abroad.

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