Can Ningan and Wester Exchange! US media listed in the middle of the Yuansthu Xi Shi: James only 4 points

On November 27, Beijing time, the piston passengers 96-107 do not escape the fast boat, the champion can
Ning’an is not good, the whole game is playing 28 minutes, 13 shots 3, three points 5 0 get 10 points 6 assists 6 rebounds 3 steals 4 mistakes and 5 fouls, the offensive status is bad, but steal counterattacks are very exciting, the defensive end shows the highest record of the top three.

In this game, the first section of the piston is 12 points behind, and the second section 22-34 will lose 12 points, and the half-behind is 22 points. This game lost the suspense early, and finally the club has stabilized the victory, and the piston suffered 5 Link, 4 wins and 15 negatives and magic side in the eastern countdown.

It is worth mentioning that Can Ningan and Clippers Consultant Jerry West Station exchange, Logo male should be some suggestions and guidance to the consecutive generation, and have also made some gestures and movements; the regime of the Piston And the NBA legendary sharing picture; but the US media Bally sports ridiculed this scene, pushing: Jerry Wester Recruit Cunning Angela Los Angeles.

US media listing multi-bit championships for the first time in the Los Angeles Stebers Pushes – 03 James 4 points, 08 Yina Rose 25 points, 10 years of Yuan Wal 22, 14 years Scared 3 points, 16 years of Simmons 22 points, 19 years Xi Xian 29 points and 20 years agononz 15 points.

Such a data is in Xin James, on December 3, 2003, the bus boat, 19-year-old James played 34 minutes 13, three points 3 0 get 4 points 6 rebounds 8 assists; however 19 years old, James has become a historical level of super superstars, and there are countless careers, which have long been a high quality idol in countless young people.