Brown star runs to check the new crown! It is very likely to miss an important battle with patriots

Nick played an important role in Cleveland Brown, who has just defeated the game of Cincinnati, and he rushed 137 yards and there were 2 times. According to ESPN’s well-known reporter Adam Shevte, the star running guard is very likely to face the absence of the patriots next week, because the nucleic acid test results in Tuesday are positive.

However, it is still a chance to participate in the competition, because he has already vaccinated that if it is negative after 24 hours, he will get an opportunity. But now he is only in the new crown list with the other two running guards Merrick-Philton and John Kelly. Because the team No. 2 running Dharm Hunter is still inchering, Durneste-Johnson became the only team that can confirm the Sunday.

Although Johnson is closely accessible with Philton, he also vaccinated the vaccine and was negative in the nucleic acid detection on Tuesday. He is a rookie in 2018. Since 2019, he has been playing in Brown. In the top of the 7th week, he served as a starting competition, he did 146 yards, and contributed to the rush of the ball. However, the last two weeks will return to the return of the foundation, and his appearance is also limited, and there are only 12 shots in two games to advance 38 yards.

Brown is likely to increase the candidate of the running guard before the 10th week, considering the lack of running guards in their array, the full guardian Di Di-Akovic and John Stanton, the two training lists. Vacancies. Since the patriot has recently been strong, this game is quite key for both parties.