Billyck praised lightning quartz Wei Hebert: he will be one of the top four-point guard in the future!

If the new England Patrioper coach Bill Pillak can find a four-point Guajustin Herbert, which is now the Los Angeles lightning, then the pace they rebuild may speed up, even this old handsome will have a chance to take a few Super bowl of championship. When I was talking about Herbert, the hardhand of this meager did not hide her love.

At that time, the patriots moved to Herbert’s mind at the 2020 election conference, but they only had the first round of the 23rd, while the lightning is the 6th position; the patriot is inexpensive, And if you are trading, they need to pay a lot. Billych is not surprised by the growth of lightning, because he knows what Herbert can do.

“This is really great. He is very good.” Bilipk said, “He really has all the quality you want, his exercise ability is very good, there is excellent arm talent, there is a general The wind is very good at the University of Oregon, only individual no megadownload, most of the ball is accurate; his reading, choice including the red area is quite good, he is me in these years The best quarter-off. “

“You won’t find too much better than him, this guy is a great player. When we made our hands with them, I felt that he was great. But this year we are lucky, because we don’t have to expect him. But I Still very respectful, I think he is one of the four-point guard of the top level of the league for a long time in the future. “

Herbert’s career before 21 first showed the initial impressiveness, in the first 21 first-year initiative in all players, 68.23% of the ball success rate ranked 5th, 6107 yards Ball code ranked 2nd 45 times of passing to the 4th! He has completed the 1771 yard pass by 65.4% of the passed success rate, and only 4 times were copied, and the team took 4 wins and 2 negative openings.

However, Billych is now really uncomfortable lightning, because their rookie quadrupanvae Mac-Jones is also quite good. After 7 games, Jones completed 1779 yards at 70.45% of the passed success rate, 9 times to 6 times were copied. In the first quarter of the first four-point guard in the top 7 days before his career, his pass success rate ranked second! Second only to 70.52% of Cote – Warner.

“Jones has been very stable, I don’t think any game or a moment will change his development direction.” Bilipk said, “He needs to accumulate experience through a time, regardless of a situation in a game. This is a process of accumulating. We only need to work hard on the day. In today’s basis, we will improve tomorrow’s level, I hope that this will be more better and better; I believe that we will succeed, no matter It is four-point or other players, this is the principle of our team. “