Beijing time on December 3rd, US local time Today, New York Yangji catcher Gary-Sanchez ushered in the 26th birthday, before he fell into the trading rule to be traded by the team to Miami macaroni to change the full star catcher JT-Ryormo However, today, the general manager of New York Yangji sent him the best birthday gift.Yang Biece Xiaoli-Sangchez is known as the legendary attack-type catcher Pichesa and the active giant iron arrestedBryan Kashman, Bryman, received YES NetWork, said that Sanchez is a team’s non-selling products. The two have been directly communicated. Kashman means that Sanchez has special talents to be a special player. He is still The plan is planned by the future layout.Born in Sanchos, Dominica, is less famous. When New York, New York, New York, will be signed with 3 million US dollars. In the small union period, the top ten were selected. In 2015, it was short to the big alliance. Sangchez, who is in a hurry, in the 2016 season, in the 2016 season. With only 45 games, he became a player who became a horn in history. Although he had entered the list of injured soldiers in the 2017 season, he broke the top of the Squad squad. The record of the routine, the accumulated 33 bombings 90 points, let him get the arrested to fight the silver bat award.This ball’s escape speed reached 112.9 mi / hourIn the 2018 season, because of the shoulder injury, the Sangchez hits only 1% 86, and the laxter is 2% 91, but there are still 18 bangs and 17 second base playback performance, from the data to see the spherical rod hit by Sanchez More than 110 miles / hr of the proportion of more than 10%, many times because there is no good luck, not forming an arrest or long, is still the biggest advantage of Sanchez in the defensive end, the time in the 2018 season is 1.94 seconds The fastest ball speed 86.8 miles These two data are ranked in the top five of the catcher, don’t forget that this is still in the absence of his shoulders.Sanchez as a cracker is a team’s defensive core, but his capture and a variety of invisible mistakes, leading to Yangji fans to him again and hate.But in terms of defensive, the hand and the ball when Sanchez squatting the ball are still where he needs to improve. In the 2017-18 season, he has accumulated 34 times of capture. It is the most union, this is also 36% with him. The blocking rate forms a distinct contrast. He has been subjected to conservative treatment, and the break is finally opened. It has removed the broken bones of the shoulder lock. It is estimated that the time for resting for three months makes him still have a chance to catch up with the opening of the 2019 season, and the future of Sangche is of course worthy. Base fans look forward to.