Beijing time October 9th 07:07, Tampa Bay’s ray is sitting at the home to celebrate the life and death, the opponent is the Houston Space Strong team, this is the fourth game of the Meidian District Series (ALDS), the top three battles 1 -2, space people lead. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.Battle reviewThe rays beat the “Magic World Legion” Auckland Sports Family in the outer cassette, and kill the United Federal Partition Series. However, in the face of the strongest spaceman who is considered to be the current alliance, there are two joints, but fortunately returning to the home and timely returning, 10-3 great victory, winning the uncomfortable third battle. And Yangji, which is the same as Meidian East, has swept the Shuangcheng 3-0, and the first to advance the United Jehque Champion Series (ALCS).And the three pitcher of the spaceman, the front tail snake ace “Z Devil” Zach Granki failed to end the series of the third battle, only to persist of 3.2, lost 6 points, swallow the defeat. Wandering is half-way, hi is the 2017 season MVP Johi – Otto’s state is good, send the second home run in this series, worry is the 2017 season world competition MVP, open the road “spring brother” George – Sprulin hand feels cold, 4 0, three playoffs in the three playoffs without playing. Space people have been shocked at the top two battles at home.Game pointSpace people obviously do not want the series to drag to the fifth battle, therefore did not send four pitches and directly dispatched their ace Ville. The rays do not show weakness, at least in terms of controlling, the four sessions are only 13 points (1/6/3/3).First firingThe space team first pitcher: Justin WirantRays First Pointer: Diego – CastroThe first firman of the space team is Justin Verlander. The US League Yangdao is a popular victory in the fifth season of the fifth birthday. If you break the league record, 6 people can win the winning investment of 4 life and death, including Wilder and Today’s rays in the Third War.The 36-year-old Wandard was only knocked out 1 safe, no lost, winning the victory. The event will be the 26th time of Wandard in the playoffs. A total of 26 appearances were played in the playoffs, including 25 first hair, 14 wins and 7 defeats, voted 159.1 bureaus 175 times, the self-sharing rate 3.05 good grades.The rays sent Diego Castillo as award. This 25-year-old right shot is obviously just a “false first”. It is expected that only one to two games will be administered to take over the rays of the whole league. Castro from Dominica landed in the big alliance in 2018. It took 108 out of the competition for two years. There were 17 first hair, but only 125.1 bureaus. He has appeared twice in this series, and 3.2 bureaus did

not lose.

Focus star

The field of the field is the most good at the rays of the ray, the highest level of 3% 69. The 31-year-old and right player played a good play in this series, and 16 players in four games were 6 amps, including a home run. He has a very good fire power output in the seven games of the two seasons, and the attack index is up to .983.

As a routine season, the space of the space is the fourth stick, the star three bases, Alex Bregman is still the strongest point of the spaceman’s wire, and the three games come down his attack index up to 1.472. However, he only created a point, from his spring gun in the second battle. Obviously this is because the first stick of Springer and the third rods of the Brandee are not good. Bregman has 708 games in the 29th game of the three-year post-match career.