Behind the Warriors 6 consecutive victories: Curry 32 + 7 + 8, Lillad is very low, the sun 15 winning

On November 27th, Beijing time, NBA staged a battle of the western focus. The Warriors traveled against the Blazers. In the event of a full Warriors, he defeated the Blazers with the 118-103. This game, Curre has played very well, get 32 ??points of 7 rebounds 8 assists, and in the second end of the second festival to invest a far three points in Lillad.

Before this game, the Warriors have already achieved 5 consecutive victories, and they ranked the top alliance in the total alliance in 16 wins and 2 negative records. This is also an important guarantee that the Warriors reunite this season. Curri returned to the peak this season. The outbreak of Pu’er, made up for the lack of Clee Thomp, the Greenbook is very good at the two ends of the attack and defense, and is also an important guarantee for the Warriors current attack and defense efficiency occupies the top two of the Alliance.


Curry broke out: The library has been investing in Lillad, and the trails will be directly smashed in the 2nd tri-three three consecutive three points of the 2nd programs.

Lillaer eats technical foul: In Section 2 of the game, Lillad’s sentenced to the penalty of the referee in a first basket, directly on the frontal hard referee was punished. This game, Lilad, can be said to be very low, the first half of the third is 0.

The Warrior team shocked 6 consecutive victories: The Warriors have already achieved 5 consecutive victories. This game faces the pioneers who strive to win 6 consecutive victories, and they will face more powerful opponents than the Blazers.

Igodala Life: Idodala has been absent from the competition due to synchronous injuries, which has caused a certain trouble to the warrior defense.

Game playback

The first competition Warriors have rely on the reappearance of the Curre, and Lillad is not in a continuous three-point shot, and then it is changed to break through the layup, but the warrior’s defense is very targeted, in the first In the game, Lilad did not get too much score, and the core McLHM in another pioneer is also very low, and it can be said that the Warriors’ first quarters use excellent defensive defense to limit the Blazers. Play, the first game Warrior team 27-26 leaded, the trailer one point.

The second section of the Warriors took a break in the Curre, although the team’s offensive end did not contribute too much, but the defensive end did not let the trailers get more scores, after the team 42-34 leads, open up I played a wave of 8-0 to chase the score of 42 flat, but the Kurry and Pur began to break out, 45 degrees and right sides of the left side of the Cook 45 degrees, and Poor’s hit in both bottom corners. A three-point, the Warriors use a wave of 10-0 to open the score, at this time, Lillad is also dissatisfied with the judgment of the referee.

The Later Half Warrior continues to maintain excellent feel, and the Blazers will continue to downturn, McLham helps the pioneers score through their own middle distance, but the Warriors have made the trails of the pioneers again. It has reached the downturn. The Warriors rely on the excellent play in the library. Section 3 33-26 Leading Pioneer 7: At the end of the competition, the Warriors have received nearly 20 points.

The drainage of the drainage is tenth, and the score is 13 points, but the Warrior team will finally steady the situation on the field, and finally the 4th section opened 33-27 won 6 points. Ball, but still lost the game, the Warriors finally defeated the pioneers at 118-103, and the 6-winning victory continued to stabilize the first.

This game Warrior team is still outstanding, 38 minutes, contributing 32 points 6 rebounds 8 assists, Green as the team’s defensive core, this game got 12 points and 8 rebounds 12 assists three pairs Data, performance can be said to be very bright; Vilins this game also exhibits excellent, 25 minutes and 5 rebounds, and three-pointers 5 shots 3.

Training, the whole team is not too good, especially the core Lrat, the whole game is only 16 points, only 0 rebounds, shooting 15 5, three points, 2, can be said to be one Wanted game; the top of the team is the highest, the second-grade rookie Simmons, the second-grade of the replacement, 19 points, three of whom 5, can be said to be the only one worth celebrating.

Both parties

Warriors: Curi, Green, Vikins, Rooney, Poole

Pioneer: Lilad, McCalem, Neurikich, Powell, Coventon