Premier League-C Luo Chunjian Kavani won the first ball of Manchester United 3-0 victory

Beijing time October 3tamil new hot stories 1st, at 0:30, the 10th round of the 2021/22 season Premier League was a focus war, the thermal thorn was against the monarch. C Rosa’s first record, Cavani and Rushford’s second half of the second half, finally took away the victory 3-0, and finally won the four rounds.

This game, Vallane injury is replenished, and the Mizsel and Lindlov partner Sanzhong Wei. Cavani and C Ronaldo started, Rushford tonic. Hot thorn, Sun Xingzhen and Kane work together.

Opening the two sides provoked to test directly. In the 6th minute, Sun Xingzhen first took the Manchester United line with a foot from a foot, and the ball was blocked out of the bottom line. Subsequent corner kick offensive, Losolo Empty shoots. In the 7th minute, the B fidelity road 45 degrees, Kava nice ago bowed against the distal column.

After 2 minutes, Kavani served the world’s best news channelshot of the shot after the right road. In the 18th minute, Luke Xiao fell into Xiaoluas to eat yellow card, then Maquier also got a yellow card because of the movement.

In the 23rd minute, Xiao Lu Cas came to pick up, Sun Xingzhi left the empty ejection to play the ball. After 1 minute, Manchester United’s post-League launched a counterattack, and B fealth tied to the penalty area, etc.

In the 27th minute, the piles opened the right corner, Dell jumped in the crowd, and Romero took the ball into the ball with the chest. But Romero is in the first, and this goal is invalid.

In the 3rd minute, Fred remote shot hit an arc ball and was thrown out by Lori. In the 34th minute, Sun Xingyi has formed a single knife in the counterattack, and the ball is taking the ball along the middle road. Wan Zhaka is chasing it to the penalty area, but Sun Xingzhen is also off.

In the 39th minute, the goal has finally happened! B-fee Zone Branch, Ben Davis right road defensive knot will go through the ball, C Luo is in the small angle of the air, and Manchester United 1-0 lead!

In the 43rd minute, Losobo telematies high shines. At the end of the first half, Manchester United took a 1-0 score to enter the middle field.

The second half is easy to fight again. In the 46th minute, Dege Asia opened the big feet by Xiao Luz on the right road, the latter promoted to the proof area, and Sun Xingzhi banned the zone of the arc to biased the right column.

In the 47th minute, C-Luodo McCominai felt into the penalty area right road, but the referee confirmed that the C-Yue is in the first, and the goal is invalid.

In the 57th minute, Sun Xingzi arc ball was transmitted, Schipei head ball was biased.

In the 64th minute, B fees in front of the front field, the counterattack, gave C Luo, C Ronalded inserted, swayed the Schpep, the Cavani anti-offside successfully brought the ball to Rommelo into the right side of the penalty area, In the face of the attack, aaj ka paper Cavani calmly push the ball into the ball, harvest the first ball of personal season, Manchester United 2-0 lead!

In the 70-280 minutes, the two teams have changed more people, and the pike is replaced by Ali, Manda with Rashford, Martic and Lin Gad replaced C Luo, B Fees and Kawa Ni.

In the 86th minute, the replacement player is connected, Martic Middle Road is straight, and Rossford anti-offside successfully forms a single knife, attack the left area left right foot to push the far corner to enter the network, Manchester United 3-0 locks the victory!

Then there were no build trees in the two sides, the game ended, and finally Manchester United game 3-0 wins, 3 points, the end of the four rounds of four rounds, and rose to the Ying Yue Leaders. Fifth.

Both sides appearance lineup:

Out of the football team

Germany – Germanic chariot, France – Gaul Slogi, England – Trigua Legion, Italy – Blue Leader, today

1, German is the title of the German nation.The character of the German (German) is strong and unyielding. Their will is very strong, known as steel-like will be called “German chariot”, just like tanks.

2, Gaul is the ancient futures of France.Gao Lu Xiong is a symbol on the national flag of the First Republic of France, which is a symbol of the revolutionary consciousness of the French people.Gaul is an ancient Western European place name.Gaul is actually the ancient priest of France, but Gaul is not actually the self-proclaimed Month, but the Roman Empire called France.

3, in the Middle Ages of British Sanyao, the lion is totem, and three lions will be printed on the Royal Weapons of the UK, aaj tak live news hindi samachar highlighting the majesty of royal power.There are three lions along the traditional, England team of England, so the England fans call their cetanil 10 mg in hindi team for the “Three Lion Legion”.

One pair of slippers tens of thousands! The prince of Dubai is low-key and rich, and the Portuguese can only be smirk on the side.

As the absolute top of the football and even the body, Messi and C Luo are synonymous with money. They can bring many benefits for sponsors, but do you know that C Luo is laminating the prince of slippers?

C Luo can become one of the most famous stars, not only breaking news breaking news because he has a super high play, but also because he has a very aaj news samachar handsome appearance, and therefore won a lot of fans’ madness chasing.

The five senses are excellent, and the temperament and good C Luo is in the same box, rarely being compared, but he is crushed once next to the prince. What is going on?

It turned out that there was a C Ronifei to Dubai Called Award, carefully dressed, and mixed with a suit, the hair was also meticulous, and the palm of the palm of the blossoms had a diamond ring, which looks noble and fashion.

However, the prince of Dubai sitting next to C Luo is different. His wear is very casual, and it is also straight to step on the slippers. It is a flat middle-aged man dress up.

The appearance of the prince of Dubai did not be so handsome, but he won a pair of slippers, this pairwear is not ordinary election breaking news slippers, but worth tens of thousands of luxury slippers. The real rich man will not sway your brand name LOGO.

And the prince him usually very low, it seems that a small piece of decoration seems to be unpredictable, it may be that ordinary people can’t afford it. The prince of Dubai is very low-key, and it is no wonder that C Luo will win.

Financial transcendence C Luo is compared to the prince of Dubai or a little witch. What do you think of it? Welcome to the commentary message tell us.

Oman Tiger is eye! Hold your hand! Want to win the national football team second

On November 1, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association officially opened the two home games to the UAE. At the same time, the next opponent of the national football team has also been completed yesterday. There are only more than 500,000 Western Asian small countries, and it is planning to win the Chinese team in this round, and the strong dialogue of Saudi and Australia will be afternoon news “fisheries” in this wheel.

At present, the next opponent Aman, has completed the first training course after the concentration of concentrated today. Their coach Ivankiqi has a rich experience in Asian football and also coal over Shandong Luneng. Ivan also has a national team experience that leads the Iranian team to fight the World Cup. He is helping the Oman team completed a historic breakthrough. Oman is currently 2 wins and 2 losses, ranking B group third. In view of the first round of the first round of the first round, the Japanese team, therefore, Oman’s players generally think they have the ability to defeat the Chinese team. The 5th round of the 12th Range, Saudi will be smoked with Australia, Oman is hoped to overcome the difference between the national football and the two teams. Regardless of the Saudi and Australian fruit, the Oman team will be able to rise to the second place in the group, which has become the reasons and power of the Oman’s tiger.

There is a lot of advantages in the Oman team, although the defender players Abdullazi-Galeni are injured, but the overall strength is not too much affected. Contrast the previous record and performance, the Oman team is better than the national football team in midfield control and manufacturing. In addition, the age structure of Oman team is also google new app superior to the national football, and the average age is more than 3 years old. In terms of physical fitness and competition, Oman has nothing short. A more important point may not pay more attention, the nameless Oman League has just opened a new season in October (cross-year competition, 14 teams), Oman League has conducted 4 rounds in October. The last game was conducted on October 31. The Oman League did not stop because of the world’s preliminaries, even if the level is not high, the players are also guaranteed. On the other hand, it is also in a closed training state after the first-term preliminaries.

Comprehensive analysis, plus the national football lost the real home, this dialogue is really a small banter. This month’s 7th National foot can reach Sharjah, and Oman is the neighboring country of the UAE. Whether it is climate, news 7 tamil today news it is still a game of basic shaped empty space, it is not an ave game for Oman. Although the Chinese Football Association has also set the goal of the third place in this group, many factors, the Oman team will win more. In short, the time left to the national football is really not much, can’t get this game, the next game and Australia will be more difficult. Whether to keep the wiring hopes, the national football team is crucial with Oman.

FIFA: The number of people with football competition is increased to 5 people, and each team has 3 chances.

Beijing time on May 8th,indiatv live news in hindi today FIFA official announced that from now until the end of the season, each team is allowed to change 5 people, but it is required to be completed 3 times.

In the announcement, each team allows up to 5 replacement players, but each team has up to 3 chances in the game (can be changed in the news articles 2020midfield), no use of the number and opportunity to use Will be extended to the overtime.

In the announcement, this temporary change rule is only valid only in the 2019-20 season and the 2020-21 season (including some countries that do not cross the Year of the Year), it will be implemented worldwide from June 1 this year.

It is worth noting that this rule is not forced, and the right to determine the organizers in each league, they can decide themselves.

In addition, FIFA also gives a new explanation for current VAR rules. FIFA believes that www economic the use of VAR is not forced. In order to encourage football competitions to recover, countries can decide whether to use VAR after the event will be restarted in accordance with their own actual situation.

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FIFA has confirmed the origin of the football, why is the British think England is the origin?

Speaking of this google samachar hindi main competitive sports in football, I believe everyone will not be strange, as the first three big balls of the world, the origins of football are always controversial. Some people say that it is ever-evolved by the continuous evolving, and the earliest originated in ancient China, so in most Chinese users seem to, the old ancestors of football are China. It is ancient Chinese people invented this movement, just after being Other Western countries have grown, not only that, in ok google today early 2004, FIFA also confirmed that football originated from China

But this statement is completely ridiculous, there is no basis for some basis, because the origin of football is in Europe, England, and has begun to have a football game in the early 12th century, and China has not yet There is any promotional development of 蹴 蹴, so China’s 蹴 蹴 is not the times of india goa origin of century football.

For this very controversial topic, the author believes that China and England have a vital impact on the birth of football, but this does not represent the predecessor of the world football. First of all, we need to understand the difference between 蹴 and modern football, although it is a sports competition that is the first to play, but it is only a form of football, and the football form in European countries is the predecessor of modern football. head line news today The two requirements of the equipment and rules are inconsistent. The speech proposed by the British scholar is the world football, which is the football form we have seen. This football is also known as modern football, we can’t be part of Koreans. “The same, see what I think they are the culture of their own country.

And if you have to be a birth year, then in Africa in more than 5,000 years, there is a “game” that records the kicking stone. This is also kicked with a piece of item. Is this that this is the earliest inventive in accordance with Football. of? This is a statement of strong words. At the same time, I learned that I know that more than modern football is more in contact with the modern football, and it is more like the “kick” today, there is more in the air, and the “goal” is more small, more is more Hyun skills, aaj ka headlines and there is no very strict regulations, unlike two and a half games like modern football, the players don’t have too many flowers, just simply rely on the team to work.

That is to say, Chinese ancient Chinese is just a kind of entertainment, it is necessary to define it, it can be explained as the predecessor of the kick, and the football in Europe in Europe, because the birth of the birth is clear rule restrictions, so they are the world. Modern football origin. Although these two sports can be collectively referred to as football, they are totally two concepts. Finally, I think that there is nothing more than that we level, if China is a world football big country, the final answer may change, and those Western scholars will not consciously study this problem.

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Ferdinnad: Chik is very deterrentous, he let me lioneered Ya Ya-Tei

Live Bar November 3, in this round of Champions news 7 today League Saiche, Malm?, the Blue Army player Chike’s first represents the team in the Champions League game in the Champions League, and contributed a good performance.Ferdandan demonstrated times of india company that Chike’s play in the show made him associate Midama Middle Field Asia – Ture.

“It is a very good attempt to take Qike, and he is very deterrent in the midfield. His play brought a vitality and confrontation intensity to Chelsea, I like to see him in the best state, just like nowIn india today newspaper this way, he reminded me of the Asian-Tundre. ”

Chik This season has been played 8 times in Chelbi, only 3 first, contributing 2 assists.

Fan Zhiyi responded to the "Tucao Conference" bursting red: laughing, hoping to rebuild the inheritance of football

Fan Zhiyi Weibo. The “Tucao Conference” on the 14th, let Fan Zhiyi have fired. In social media, Fan Zhiyi’s Tucao is known as the best history, even known as China’s detachment “the best.” There is also hot search on Weibo, and Fan Zhiyi is too young.

There are also netizens who say that they are not addictive, I hope Fan Zhiyi will open a special life, and can use Shanghai dialect …

On the afternoon of the 15th, Fan Zhiyi also responded to his “red” in Weibo – “I also encountered so many people to confess, laughter, beautiful mp in indian parliament I hope everyone pays more football, inheriting the football world Re-establish. https m aajtak in breaking news ”

Netizen message. In this issue of “Tucao Conference”, Fan Zhiyi is frequent, so Zhou Qi wiped sweat, Guo Allen and Yang Ming screamer, and even “suicide battle”. “You Zhou Qi is in the center, and it is in this door at the door, and the face is not.”

“What can they become different, can make Chinese football to save them? I really didn’t expect that football can have a day of spur.”

“Weiqi, I originally left the Polish team, you have a ball, I have seen it several times, I can get it to others with my feet, you can’t do it.”

“The next day interviews you, you still laugh, I want to tell you, you are there, let you take basketball to the football field, the basketball court is only big, let the football court to squat You try. “Zhou Qi, you the big boss 2 chinese drama have a center, the body is too weak, this power is not good. I saw the photo of his online training, the dumbbell is so big, it is smaller than the egg pot.” Zhou Qi originally talent, It is wasteful. Eat egg scubbies, training is late, he is this attitude, I feel that he will say that say later – coach, I don’t want to play basketball. ”

“Xiao Guo, Asia’s first guard, the World Cup life and death, oh, I didn’t understand, one point, take a point, basketball is not easy. I also kicked the defender of the year, I joined the ball than him. Football is not easy, I can run a seven or eighty meters, I have to go to the ball. “” I appreciate Xiao Guo, some people say that he does not pass the ball, you can’t blame him, Xiao Guo and who play, Zhou Qi People, www hindi news live what is the level of men’s basketball, just a few people. ”

Except for this aaj news samachar “Tucao Conference”, Fan Zhiyi has also participated in the “boyfriend”, “boyfriend”, and “running brothers” in these years.

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Exploration of enhancing the fun of primary school sports football teaching

With the continuous in-depth reform of primary school physical education, more and more sports are involved in the teaching of primary schools. In the current situation, almost all primary schools have incorporated football into physical education. However, many primary school sports teachers lack football knowledge and football teaching experience, and most students are not interested in football. Therefore, this has brought a lot burden on physical education teachers. Physical education teachers should use different teaching methods according to the physical and mental development of primary school students, increase the fun of learning football, get more fun in learning, so that students can have enthusiasm for the sports of football.

Cultivating primary school students’ interest and enthusiasm of football, not only help students in cultural courses, but also contribute to the overall development of middle school students in sports and integrated training, and cultivate quality talents. By attaching importance to the development of students ‘physical education, schools should further delhi radio stations online streaming develop students’ tactries and passion, allowing their innovative spirit to play, cultivate their interest in learning and satisfying their spiritual needs. The development of primary school football education can broaden the students ‘movement paths, which is the best way to reduce students’ pressure. Due to the support of interest, students can invest in football, enjoy the fun of success and experience cooperation, and further increase students’ interest in learning. At the same time, you can help students get rid of the pressure of the cultural class, get rid of negative emotions, so that students enjoy the fun of learning, there is a high learning efficiency, and better reflect the meaning of football teaching.

On the one hand, football teaching is not too much attention. Although quality education has gradually replaced loss cut book set the test education, the impact of test education on related faculty members is still large. Even if each primary school organizes sports courses, there are few arrangements, especially in the final exam, sports will be occupied by many exams, which is not very good for students, not only in their psychology. Negative emotions, and will also cause certain obstacles to learning football skills. On the other hand, some schools lack professional football teachers. Whether it is a parent or a school, the cultural course is always the most important. Therefore, when hiring the relevant discipline, the school is more cautious, and try to choose a higher teaching level teacher to teach. However, the requirements for physical education teachers will decrease accordingly, which is largely due to the lack of attention to the physical times of india news headlines education courses. On this basis, the excellent football teachers in the school will relatively few, which will also have a more direct impact on the development of related teaching.

3.1 Strengthening the construction of football teachers

Students are the main body of learning, and the teacher is the guidelines of teaching activities. Therefore, in order to improve students’ football level, schools must not only pay attention to football teaching, but also to strengthen training for football teachers. First of all, in order to supplement the teaching staff, the school should expand the team of football teachers, and recruit professional football teachers as much as possible, so it can greatly improve the quality of teaching. On this basis, the teacher’s own teaching model should also be updated. After all, a single teaching model cannot meet the study needs of today’s primary school students. In addition, the class time should be more reasonable so that students have enough time to play football, and more deeply understanding football, which is very useful for training their physical fitness. Combined with the correct guidance of a professional teacher, students can not only truly integrate into their own learning activities, but the football level will greatly promote their overall development.

3.2 Establishing an example to motivate learning motivation

The role model is very affected, and teachers can use this to affect and stimulate students. For example, when teaching football, pay attention to your own image, communicate not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of bitterness, and establish an example in the hearts of students and increase influence in their minds. Let students follow their own examples and establish the correct learning philosophy. Make students can respect the teacher while falling in love with football. In addition, teachers can also introduce some of the famous football players, and show the image of football stars, telling their growth stories, cultivating students in a good atmosphere can be the yearning of the World Cup, so that students can enhance football challenges Confidence, let the classroom have entertaining and educational value. This is the best way to cultivate students’ interest in football by full display model, so that students can quickly enhance their love for football under the guidance of the example.

3.3 Adding a Practical Fun

Although most parents still pay attention to students’ achievements in cultural classes, teachers still need to maintain firm beliefs, adhere to their original intentions, fully understand students’ football teaching, release students’ nature, and let students learn to relax in all aspects. By combining students’ physical and mental characteristics, the medium-term difficult football training is performed so that students can easily accept it. There is also a need to improve the fun of football teaching, conduct a group competition, further meet the psychological needs of students who love to play, and then develop the spirit of cooperation between students, and enhance students’ football skills. In addition, during teaching football, teachers should follow the ideas combined with theory and practice to make students fully understand football and encourage them to love football. Although theoretical training takes less time, it does need teaching. Theoretical teaching can be carried out a few minutes ago and organize indoor theoretical classrooms. In any case, teachers should be organized according to teaching needs, so that students know football rules. In order to better apply this knowledge in practice, check the correctness of theoretical knowledge in practice, and better demonstrate their skills by guiding the theoretical knowledge in practice. Not only can you instill students ‘theoretical knowledge, but also expand their practical ability and increase their interested interest, which is an important factor in cultivating students’ interest in football. Add interesting elements to the training process is also a good teaching strategy. Training students’ body, developing students’ will and quality, can help cultivate students’ interest in football.

In summary, in primary school sports education, football activities should be based on the characteristics of primary school students, reasonably choose teaching methods, attach importance to the fun of teaching activities, and make full use of all available educational resources to teach, and overcome the boring feelings of learning football, enhance students. Football enthusiasm.

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