As long as you are willing to pay 110% effort! Woger thank you, it is a big boy saved you.

The Lakers won, and the first time this season won the 20+ big victory!

It is necessary to say that the first hero of the Lakers will win today. He played the highest 35 minutes in the game, and took 12 points and 13 rebound 2 to steal 2 cap data, the positive and negative value in the field is +27.

In the first two games, Warcraft gradually been discarded. Woger gave the reason for the crown, he wanted to try more small lineup, and Xiaordan and World of Warcraft can only play one …, even if he still chooses The former.

After the World of Warcraft became the team’s first hero, he received an interview after the game: “Woger once told him that Walle didn’t let him play before the start of the game, but it was called to He is willing to pay 110% of efforts. ” This sentence is really moving.

After choosing the Lakers, Warcraft was approved by all Lakers’ fans at the game. At the western finals, the Lakers and Nuggets, the team, the team,
the team, the team. Have a lot of relationship with Warcraft, and he has played a good effect on the restrictions of about 约 奇.

When I received an interview in recent days, Warcraft also said that if he is not his restrictions on Jossate, the Lakers is difficult to pass. This is the case, maybe the Lakers will still win the ball, but will not be so easy. What people feel that the shame is that the second season after the Lakers won the championship, there is no choice of signing Warcraft, and the first World of Warcraft I will sign the contract with the Lakers. He issued a twice “Lake people, he came back”!

It can be seen that Warcraft is very trying to stay in the Lakers, but the Lakers did not choose a basic salary to sign a contract, in a short period of time, Warcraft finally reached an agreement. After that, the Laken chose the god and Little Gasol. It turns out that the effects of the two are in the event. After leaving a season, Warcraft returned to the Lakers.

It is really true that Woger doesn’t like to use Warcraft. In addition to more foul, he is a lot better than Xiao Jordan. In addition to having certain eating cakes, Xiao Jordan has a very bad choice, and the Lakers defensive this season will fall, and the defensive ability and coverage area of ??Warcraft can help the team.

Today, the turning point of the big king is to use the long-term use of Warcraft, and Woger is finally chose to Warcraft. If the Lakers will lose again, then Woger is no longer stable in the Lakers’ position. His employers are sick from the beginning of the season. Today, the Warcraft saves him, here may Woger is the most thanks It is World of Warcraft.

This big boy is now just wants to go to play quickly, just want to dedicate all the energy in the Lakers. Today’s Lakers really need his existence. After he and the eyebrows are at the same time, the Lakers’ defensive efficiency will improve, the two of the two people have become the strongest backing of the Lakers. Whether Woger can put it in the next time, can continue today’s lineup, everything will be taken!