Always catch your own wool, patriot allegulate Texas people illegally dig people

New England Patriots and Houston Texas have been related to good relationships, and both sides have many coaches and management personnel, but now, the patriots have to accuse Texas. In fact, from Texas people out of 5 days ago, the general manager Bryan Kane, they wanted to hire the assistant of Billych, Nik, Castrio, is new. The patriot does not want to lose their players’ personnel director. After a few days of contact, the patriot is finally reluctant to smash this.

On the evening of the local time, the Patriot accused Texas people touch Castrio, violating the Alliance’s Intervention Rules (Tampering Rule). According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte, the Patriot has contracted the behavior of Patriologist’s management personnel in recent years in recent years, which has proposed the Dezhou people to intervene allegations with the name of the interference team. This should be The alliance pays attention to investigation. If Texas people really have problems in the process of contacting Castrio, they may face a fine, and even a penalty will be fined.

According to sources, NFL is now collecting relevant human cards and material certificates, formally launched. “Xseff special report” NFL anti-intervention rules are: 1,, lure or persuade or try to, lure or persuade NFL other team contracts players, coaches, general managers, or any other person entering negotiations, whether it is about its joining effectiveness, or negotiation or contract related to joining efficacy; 2. Interfering with another team with another team The empiring relationship between. If there is the above behavior, this is not allowed. “

As the union overlord, the most successful NFL team in the 21st century, the new England Patriopters each year, whether it is player or management and coach, is very heavy in personnel loss, becoming the number of other teams of the Alliance. “Digging the patriots wall corner, the patriot woolen.” Goat Tom-Braddy’s source is constantly digging, which definitely causes the patriot to greatly agree. After the tournament period, the court will enter the preparation period, and the Texas people pay the target to the patriot. This patriot is really reluctant.

Nick Casilio is a director of the patriot, and has been in Foxburg for 17 years. Although he is not familiar with the fans, he is in the right of Bill Billik, which is a private issue of the latter, training, ancillary and renewal of the team. There is absolute words, and it can even be said to be half a general manager. In fact, Texas has always wanted to get Kasselio. Last year, he sent him an interview invitation, but because the season has begun to be blamed by the patriot, try to dig angle this year.

The coach Jack Jack Jack Jack in the patriots left the team before the offset season, and then quickly joined the Texas to serve as the vice president of the team development implementation department. Interestingly, Eastby participated in the patriot team’s super bowl champion ring on the week, Casseario, is also there, and more coincident is the next day, Texas fired Kay. Yep. Some people think that that night, Texas sent Eastby illegally contacted Castrio, and some said that the patriots have mastered video evidence.

On the 11th, there were reporters asked Texas, Bill, O’Brien, did before Kane was fired, did the Eastby contact Castrio, then O’Brien’s answer to the team “I don’t know, I want to say, if there is, this is absolutely nothing to do with Houston Texas.”

O’Brien is a disciple from Pillak, but in the NFL of my fraud, there is only eternal interests. Interestingly, the Patriot Tournament is a 13th week of the 2019 season, what happens when I look forward to it.