73 minutes to defeat the first history, losing 10 points difference in the former Union Ranking: 7 team has lost at least 60 minutes

Beijing on December 3, the Grizzlies at home to 152-79 rout of Thunder, win the game. In this game, the Grizzlies advantage is obvious, the first section of the team’s offensive and blasted 31-16, and in the second section of the team shot a wave of attacking again 41-20, at halftime when the game ends Grizzlies lead has come up with 36 points. In the second half, the Grizzlies offensive unabated, the third team to get 41 points, got 39 points in the fourth quarter again. Grizzlies final at home to welcome the Thunder 73 points, made three straight success.

It is worth mentioning that single-game margin of victory of 73 points, which also created the history of the NBA regular season record maximum points difference. In this game, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com the Grizzlies advantage is obvious, in the case of Morant absence, the team for all, played a fantastic game, in every aspect of every advantage. In this game, Grizzlies 152 points single game, single-game ball dropped into 60 single-game assists 41 times and single-game shooting 62.5 percent and the effective single-game shooting 72.4%, which was the creation of five data a new high in team history, in this game the Grizzlies team’s performance can be described as very rosy.

Margin of 73 points in the game, the current losing points difference ranked No. 1 history, we can say this is the greatest defeat in league history, because more than 70 minutes of the game lost a single game for the first time in league history on this is, this game enough to go down in history. Many fans may not know, the NBA regular season https://www.nbatrikots4.com before losing 10 points difference is how much are, here I come to a quick overview.

Ranked first in the Grizzlies and Thunder, Grizzlies Thunder margin of 73 points, became the league’s first branch in the history of the race to win over opponents to score 70 points. And in second place is the Knights beat the Heat, their points difference in that game was 68 points, and this record was the biggest points difference record in the league for 30 years is, while the Grizzlies and Thunder campaign broke this record.

In third place is in the 97-98 season, the Pacers have won Blazers 65 points, in fourth place was the Lakers won the Warriors in the 71-72 season, the Lakers won the Warriors had 63 points. Ranked fifth in the Philadelphia team formerly the Syracuse Nationals, they won 62 points in a 60-61 Knicks season.

And ranked No. 6 is in the 91-92 season, the Warriors won the King 62 points above the league’s top five ranking points difference. Ranked No. 7 was 17-18 last season, the Hornets had won the Grizzlies with 61 points, while the campaign Grizzlies Thunder won 73 points, it would be shameful. These are the biggest points difference record 7 before the league from the rankings Thunder, Heat, Blazers, Warriors, Knicks, Kings and Grizzlies a total of seven single-game team had lost at least 60 points, so the game in league history is very rare.

Ranked 8 is a warrior who won 59 points Walker (76-77 season), and at position 9 of the piston 58 is Bucks win points (77-78 season), the row position 10 Bucks King won 58 points (85-86 season).

I believe that many fans know, the NBA game, win the opponent 15 points or more can https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com be called victory, but opponents won 30 points or more can call rout, but in league history to win more than 50 points in the case of opponents It occurs rarely, but opponents won 60 points in the game, in the long NBA there have been only seven times. The campaign Grizzlies beat Thunder 73 points, which made history. In the case of Morant injury absence, their performance was so well enough to appear, this young team began to fly, and after obtaining the 73-point margin, the Grizzlies will be what kind of performance , worth the wait.