MLB13 day review: 18 game war giants defeated Rocky White Socks

According to Beijing time, in addition to the Sinnati red people and the Shenglu Quantian, the remaining 14 teams have games, but the Detroit Tiger is a game of guests in Guest Mingninida. The game is as follows. The results of this day: Los Angeles Angel 1-5 Chicago Bear , Pittsburgh Pirate 6-3 Washington National (10 Bureau), Chicago White Socks 9-6 New York Yangji (7 bureau), Tampa Bay 11-7 Toronto Blue Bird, Baltimore Mojie 4-6 Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia 9-1 Miami Madolin, New York, Mandari, 6-2 Atlanta Warriors.

Auckland Sports Home 8-6 Texas Tour Cavalry, Cleveland Indians 1-8 Kansas City Royal, San Dowa Colorant 2-1 Arizona Rattleson (18 bureaus), Houston Space People 10-6 Seattle Sailor

Los Angeles Angel 1-5 Chicago Bear

The Los Angeles angel in the top of the game is a visor, the scene challenges the Chicago bear of the season, this season, I want to take advantage of the game in the series of battles, I know that I have been hit by the lower half of the second half. . The angel team first hit the home run by Ruzzo, and the Wilson Contreras. Although the angel team is in the fourth game in the fourth game, the score is shrunk, but the next semi-bureau’s Bote’s Botch will quickly return to a Yangchun. The difference has been maintained at 3 points.

The Cole Hamels of this game, Cole Hamel, handed over the eighth game, a six-oscillator, and the second half of the sixth game in the sixth game was hit on the second bought of this game. Baseball, let the game lose the suspense, and finally the bear team defeated the angel at 5-1, and terminated the other party victory.

Pittsburgh Pirate 6-3 Washington National (10 bureaus)

The Washington, which was a big season, Washington, who was at home to Welcome the Pittsburgh pirate, sent a new classmate Corbin, and a young pitcher, a young pitcher, the rise of Shanghai’s piratory, Williams. The first firing of the two sides is very good today, the Williams 6.1 bureau’s pool, facing the national attack power is only hitting 4 security and smashing two points, and Corbin has handed over 7 Location and losses, I also sent 11 three vibrations. In the case of two sides, it is very pressing, and the key to the competition is on both sheds. The two parties of the season are very unstable, and this game has also become a microcosm of this season.

First, the national cowshed at 2-1 leader by the pirate line three security, the score, followed by the next half, the pirate cowshed by this game double-gun, the second, the second, the second Booming score. After the two sides were finished, they entered the extended competition with 3-3, and the sacrificial strike after the pirate line was hit to cause the national post-support Pitcher’s mist. When a person is out, the pirates of Moran is critical time, three points of home run, breaking the deadlock, and final pirates are closed at 6-3.

Super New Show Meneze played a good performance of single field

Super New Show Meneze played a good performance of single field

Chicago White Socks 9-6 New York Yangji (7 bureaus)

New York’s dose of heavy rain does not pour the enthusiasm of the baseball, and do not pour the feel of the Chicago White Sox Super New Show Xiamenez (Eloy Jimenez). The super new show that just signed a large contract of 46 million US dollars, he greeted with the fans of New York with a single game. In this fact that the storm of the competition was finally ruling in advance, the leader in the United Noy is the first leader. Although the first bureau first allows the white stockings to get the score, the ranks of the diamond lines have been in the first and second biases. However, when the 4-1 entered the game, Yangji may not think that the gunfire of the White Sox Today is so fierce.

First, in the 4th game, it rely on the second base of Leury Garcia, and the next game rely on Alonso (Yonder Alonso) and Himenez, two-point score. Despite the idea of ??this, the 7th bureau’s backham Moncada and the back of Himenes made the game to 9-6 points, and the excessive rain will also make the alliance to decide this field. At the end of the game, the 9-6 White Sox terminates the recent wave of losses.

Tampa Bay 11-7 Toronto Bluebird

The US League East District Lead Tampa Bay is the Toronto blue bird in the same way, and the hot line is still very good in touch. Austin Meadows and the central bearer Lowe two Under the leadership of the young teenage, the seven games have been greatly leading the top 8-0. However, the Blue Bird Team is not willing to show weakness. The second half of the seven game suddenly broke out, and after the first player watched a blue bird team wandered a sigh of attack, 6 points, suddenly score gap, only 2 points left, A game is even more divided by the other party’s mistakes.

Seeing the pitcher, I can’t press it. The radiance is once again sent, and the two long play will re-reiterate 3 points. The 11-7 tapes let the Terminal Alvarado cast a relaxed, and finally Also close, 11-7, the radiance has achieved five consecutive victories.

Baltimore Gold Of 4-6 Boston Red Socks

Recently, a slightly improved defending Army Boston’s red socks touched the same partition with the same partition in the same partition. The Rodrigue Rodriguez traded from Jinyang team has completed the counterattack of the former teammates. 6.2 8 times of the game lost 2 points, which is very enough for the socks. The three-game Half Benintendi will support teammates, and the next Logarts and Nunz Nunez have also contributed two points. Although the 7-game Half Herdess Small Smith (Dwight Smith Jr.) hits two points to move, but the red sock line retransmate to pull the division back to 6-2 quarters.

However, this season’s red sock record is not good for the post-aid pitcher. At this time, it is almost staged by the drama. Fortunately, Bresier is closed, and the red socks will win the home.

Celeron pitcher Aru Tower also won the 100th victory of career

Celeron pitcher Aru Tower also won the 100th victory of career

Philadelphia 9-1 Miami Marin

It is also one of the teams who have replenished resilings, ushered in the superceharpend, and the first-class capture of Harcheng Philadelphia, the gunfire of the Philadelphia, who is the JT REALMUTO, is a daunting, this The game is also very good showing the power of their stroke. The upper half of the three games started from the first rod McCutchen, and I went 5 points in one breath, and the victory was held in hand early. At this game, the game Philadelphia ‘s first pitcher Atrieta is excellent, and the 7 bureau first lost one point, and sent 8 three-vibration. It can be said that it is blocking the Marin fish. Dead.

The 3 points of the new class of the eighth game of the new classmate, the 3-point home base, the final homework, the last hope of the Malin, and the Flight Philadelphia team 9-1 lightly took the macarth, and continued to be in the death part of the national affiliate. Remain competitive.

New York Most 6-2 Atlanta Warriors

It is also a strong team of the National Union Eastern District. After replacing the new general management, I decided that the New York Metropolitan team of Madosham finally champion Atlanta Warriors last year, both sides want to win this game, let yourself
Have more advantages in the competition of the partition champion. This game will send Wheel Wheeler to the Warriors Young Pitcher Lite Wright. After the quotation of a snail, it will take advantage of the quarter, plus a few young rookies that have been cultivated, and the strong pitcher of the famous alliance is optimistic about the quota of the competition. The competition already has a place.

The power of the line is also revealed in this game. It is not a welcome to the rookie, and 8 security guards, including the Brandon Nimmo, the 8th security. Let the other party who are dissatisfied with the four games to drop 6 points. Wheamen, the 6th game lost two points and sent 8 three times, and finally led the team with 6-2, which was hosted to win, and hunted to the position of the leader in the country.

Auckland Sports Home 8-6 Texas Tour Cavalry

This is another game of cowshed. The Auckland Sports Family team has leaned by the series of batches of the back, let the leader in the front of the Cavalry game in the priest of the Caval Cavalry, eventually defeated. The ride soldiers hit the fellows of the Sports Family in the game, and the four games were overlined by Kabrera (Elvis Andrus). The two home bases played a large leading 6-1. I know that the cavalry team pitcher group collectively exploded, first, first, Drew Smyly, 4 points in the sixth game.

In the replacement of his players, they also finated firefighting one by one, so that the sportswate had to share the accounts after the six games, and only the last Gomez (Jeanmar Gomez) was not lost. In the end, the sports home is relying on the home base of KHRIS Davis, and the final Auckland sight will win 8-6 reversal.

Cleveland Indians 1-8 Kansas City Royal

The Cleveland Indians who seek defending the US League Central District of Kansas City, the Royal Takasca, the opening of the competition, the opening of the game, is unexpected. In the face of the opening season, it is very downturn, the CARLOS Carrasco, and the lower half of the 6 points, the second half of the two-unit, the second half of the Alex Gordon is used. Also let the Caraisco are in the air. Compared to the bleak of Karaceco, the Royal New Ace Keller (Brad Keller) is very ideal, and 6.2 The bureau is just a point because Naquin’s Yangchun’s hometown is lost. A reward of 10 vibrations opposite. Looking at the strength of the pitcher and the concentrated outbreak of the line, the royal team will eventually defeat Indians at 8-1.

San Di Gigna 2-1 Arizona Rattles

The Alliance is emerging in the San Di Nago, and the parties enter the reconstructed Snake, all sides are sent to the young pitcher. The priests were previously sent by Padak, the excellent performance of this Jun in the spring training, and the snake was sent to Luke Weaver. He is a snake snake. A young pitcher who will play the star Goldschmidt to the Santa Goldschmidt. Two young pitcher chambers of this game are resistant, and they are all outstanding. Padak 5.1 Location lost 1 point and sent 5 three-vibration, and the Weaver 6.1 lost two points to send 8 three-vibration, and become a winning and negative watershed is 7 The priest is a big name, and the second name of the small Titz is hit by the key to hit the point. The final priest team won the low score in 2-1.

Milwaukee Brewing People 8-5 Los Angeles Daoqi

After finalization of the National League championship last year, this two teams met again. Two teams who hit the Changshi today hit the opponent’s pitcher today, and the two teams added 5 projects to make the fans tapped. First, the brewer team uses the first half of the first half, but the landlord’s tag is not only bold, first, the main guerrillas Siki will immediately return to the Yangchun home base, then three The next half of the bureau is replaced with the most recent feeling of the alliance, the hottest Bellinger, and one-to-right foreign country, 3-2 go back to lead.

However, there is a leisure life that has the most valuable player last year? Soon, three consecutive sectors were exchanged for two points, and 5 games were finished with 6-5 leaders. At this time, the Dodge is the weakness of the season – the cowshed again and again, even the end of the Terminator, Jensen, and the final counterattack air flame is placed. At the end, the finals are 8-5 The home is not enemy.

Coloradoli 2-3 San Francisco Giant (18 bureaus)

Yes, you have not mistisred, this game really hits 18 bureaus! At the same time after the two sides of the two sides lost their two points, the cowshed did not think of a marathon war. From the first half of the 7th game, the duck eggs on the scoreboard continued to accumulate, and the two sides walked out of the other person’s pitcher, and the total of 10 pitks on the side of Luoki, and the winning San Francisco giant also sent a total of 9 Famous pitcher. The game has come to the end, and the Rociji even began to make ahead of the firing, and the result is not unbelievable.

At the short half of the 18th Bureau, when the second base of Belt rolled into the home, the Capture of the Ane Nativea did not step on the home, and Belt slipped into the home base to win the winner. 18 Marathon Wars will win the next step by 3-2 giants.

NFL Hall of Commerce Stars Dian – Sanders Baseball Road: Improper Foreign Land

The MLB fierce battle in the 2018 season, the fierce competition in the race of competition, one party did not stop, Beijing time this Friday NFL2018 season will also re-ignite the war, as a rugby and baseball two sports all-around players, if Di Ang – Sanders is young in young ages, maybe he will face the situation of the two difficulties, this article takes you a story between Sanders and the two sports:

Juvenile: “three knives” players in the United States

In August 1967, Dion-Lu Win-Sanders was born in Florida, Mailesburg. In the era of abnormal race discrimination, the streets of the black community are playing, and the tall slimming is always caught in the thin Sanders, because this kid is really flexible. From the small show, the talent is completely displayed after he enters the North Makurg high school. The high school four years of career, Sanders has become the best high school player in Florida, Florida, Baseball and Basketball, 18 years old. In the year, MLB’s Kansas City Royal Sitting Sands was selected in Sunders, trying to bring him a big league, but Sanders is not so simple, decided to enter the university.

After the home of Florida, Sunders continued his three-knife, and Sanders on the track and field race can easily entered the 100-meter sprint project, and the pole jump also breaks the school history. University career 14 times, and abandoned the kicks to attack 1429 yards. His teacher, university football classroom Michael Bowden called Sanders as “scale of sports talents”, and finally his No. 2 jersey retired in the football school; the performance of the baseball field is completely Weak, his hits in this year, his hit rate is reached. 331, 21 years old, completed 27 pirates, more exaggerated stories, one day in 1987, Sanders participating in the university baseball league game, in one day double The gap between the game, he returned to the track and field to complete the 4 × 100m relay competition!

Amazing decision! Sanders decided to both rugby and baseball

Football and baseball as the largest two sports in the United States, if you want two heads, it is too difficult, in fact, whether it is football and baseball, or basketball and other sports, it is impossible to survive in two professional alliances目 拉 拉 回 到 看, Michael Jordan, Trecy McGrady, Tim Tibo, Russel – Wilson, etc. It is pitiful that these players have a weird idea of ??these players. A large extent derived from the successful experience of the two alliances of Sunders round-trip NFL and MLB.

Of course, both the two occupational alliances are not the idea of ??Sanders awakening, in fact, in 1987, the elderly Sunders five-year-old Bo-Jackson has begun to go between NFL and MLB, and MLB regular games between April to September, NFL regular season in September to the beginning of the year, almost only September conflicts in the beginning of the year, and the objective conditions allowed Sanders to make the idea.

In 1988, the free player did the show, Sanders was selected by New York Yangji in the 30th, and immediately completed the contract, involved in the trial of the small alliance; in the joint training camp of the Football Stadium, the scouting and coach most valued 40 The code sprint, Sanders relaxed 4 seconds 27 to get it, put it until thirty years later, this is also a good grade. At that time, there was a ball to say that Sanders worn such a result of such a score, nothing, and then Sunders changed a pair of tennis shoes privately ran once, achievement? 4 seconds 21! Excellent sports talents let Sanders first rounds of the 1989 NFL dragons, were selected by Atlantan, and when they were signed with the Falcon ball group, they included a strike, must tolerate two alliances in Sanders. .

“Two-way players” between round trips

After the small alliance trial, in 1989, the 21-year-old Sanders boarded the big alliance. For the New York Yangji, Yangji is full of confidence in this potential and topicity, September. He has begun to rush between NFL and MLB, but almost just a week. In 1990, his quick calf can help him complete a wide range of kilover in China and foreign countries, and the destruction of the aggressive between the buildings, but his hitting capacity is far from reaching the expectation of Yangji. The bad performance has attracted the smashing of the Yangji, which makes him directly cut off after the 1990 season. Jean Michael Maxel is blunt, his football career hinders his baseball career.

Compared to the frustrations of the baseball field, Tianshuo Sanders is simple in the football field. The first two seasons quickly played the fight against the Falcon’s main corner, and repeatedly staged the copy of the copy to attack and abandoned and attacked. “The left hand touched the head, the big step into the end area” to celebrate the symbol of Sanders, people began to call him “Golden Time” on the football field, cobbleball is just an advertisement in the middle of the golden time. Stop.

Sanders is still very eager to play baseball, but in the process of contracting, his conditions must tolerate him to return in two alliances, which makes the majority of the majority of the team unacceptable, and its personal capacity He is not a candidate of everyone, so until the end of January 1991, Sanders re-finals the new Dongjia – Atlanta Warrior, I believe everyone can understand the Warriors’s high-level ideas, Sanders is the football for Atlanta. Team effectiveness, so it is relatively convenient for the baseball team.

When I came to the Warriors, Sanders was placed in the left field, and his blow performance was still unreasonable, and the hits the whole season did not come. On July 31, Sanders slammed the key three-point gun in the game of the strait Pittsburgh, and Joy had just continued to continue, he returned to the rugby training camp report, starting to absent the big alliance. Including the Warriors in the National Federation of the Pirate, and in Seven of the World Competition, Sannesota Shuangcheng, Sanders has always followed the Atlantian Funding Eagle to fight his personal third NFL season, but only from the TV. Message.

In 1992, achievements and contradictions

In 1992, the Sound of the NFL season, the premiell of the patron, Sanders’ teammate Luis Risi said: “He participated in the attack on the side line, and everyone complied with what strategy was attacked, but I impressed It seems that Sanders seems to have never participated in the training of attacks, can he get it? “

Sanders received the other party’s kick in the first 1 yard in the front area, after ten seconds, he jumped into a iconic to celebrate dance in the other side of the other side. The Sanders who entered the peak period was almost perfect.

Back to the baseball stadium, Atlanta Warriors fierce in the National United States, Sanders’s hit rate exceeds 30%, and the 13th three-stroning of the leader, the excellent performance makes everyone shut up, and in the Falcon’s locker room, No one complained that Sanders missed rugby training because of the baseball game.

Falcon Cardo Jerry-Granville said in Sanders: “You see the 81st or No. 17 of the other party is the top hand of their number, you treat him as a cat, the whole game keeps this cat Wrong. “In fact, the 25-year-old Sanders has become the strongest person of NFL, but because Sanders is always absent from time to train, in order to move, Grundi is very small to use the tactical discipline Requires higher regional defense.

Entering the MLB playoffs, Sanders insisted on continuing to help the Warriors to continue to fight, which means that Sanders goes more time to and from the two alliances. Before the start of the Warriors and the Pirate Series, the pirate pitcher coach thunder-Miller said: “We hope that Sanders has played more than the most tired person.”

On October 11, 1992, Sanders has just participated in the Warriors and Pirates in Pittsburgh, and the last three games debut defended the left and defeated the main game. It was a warrior to win the victory, otherwise the warrior high-level How much will be somewhat incooling. The reason is that it is almost the first time after the end of the game, Sanders immediately boarded the helicopter, and rushed to Miami outside the thousands of miles, where there is a fight against the Miami dolphin, and the NFL game on the afternoon of the afternoon, Sande Scratch the four all-star outside the other party Mark Dufa restricted to 4 codes, the Falcon also won the game victory. After the game, the Falcon team said that Sanders’s calf is actually a little swelling. This allowed him to stay in the locker room late, becoming the Falcon player who left the locker room, Sanders finally replaced “Selling” The black orange striped T-shirt, as usual, high-profile appeared in the line of sight, sitting into the luxury sedan, and flying back to Pittsburg with helicopters, continued to prepare the warrior and pirate playoffs.

In the MLB playoff game of the Sanhe Stadium, Sanders witnessed the defeat of the Warriors 4 to 13 in the tension. He did not get any opportunity, the Warriors’ headshot abalbi-Cox is still playing a round: “We just Did not find the opportunity to play Sunders. “In fact, many reporters of the team are clear, the Warriors and Falcon two teams are quite a micro resignation for Sanders long-sleeved dance, and the continuous fighting Des’ body status also bright red lights.

Time Warriors General Manager, I used to choose to choose from in the royal family, Jackson and Sunders, John Shurtz said: “I think Sanders and Jackson are equally good, but Sanders has never handled well The relationship between the two alliances, this looks very confusing, and he is even more biased into a rugby player in his heart. “

With the pirate playoff, the final warrior seven dangerous. Subsequently, Sanders has reached a consensus. Since the legs are difficult to play in the football court, Sanders lacks the two-week falcon, but to fight against the World Competition with Toronto Bluebird, Six In the game, Sanders first sent four games, 15 combats hit 8 security, which also had 5 pirates, nearly perfect states, still failed to help the Warriors lost the World Competition for the second consecutive year.

In the subsequent NFL season, Sanders completed the miracle of attacking thousands, and in his career, he was selected for a while. From the results, Sanders was more suitable as a football.

Imperfect baseball career

Sanders’s professional football career, two super bowls, a one-year best defensive player, six season, eight professional bowls all-star game, in 2011, the professional football celebrities were selected. And from 2008, gradually entered the TV sessions, participated in the programs related to multi-file rugby, and the NFL draft meeting in recent years served as an interview with the reporter, but it was said that he stably operated his football career, never stopped Can you have his baseball career?

After the end of 1992, in 1993 Sanders followed the Warriors to the season, but the national contest was lost to Philadelphians, Sanders’ s position in the team became more and more chicken. In 1994, Warriors sent Sunders to Cincinnati, and opened in August NFL training camp, Sanders directly gave up the last half of MLB. Such a professional attitude, 1995 Sanders was sent to the San Francisco giant, and it was still awkward. In 1996, because Sanders and Dallas denim, Sanders signed a maximum of NFL’s largest contract, and everywhere Sanders was extremely tired and directly gave up the game of 1996. In 1997, he returned to the red man in 1997, after three years in 1998, three years of three years will all bet all in the football stadium. Until 2001, decided to retire from the football court, 33-year-old Sanders was short-lived in the red man for two months, and finally ended the big league career.

The duty threshold career Sanders almost did not have won any honors, the longest period is three and a half years to wait in the Warriors, he has never regarded any major alliance team as a “home”, and has never been in any one. More than 100 games in the season, Sanders responded to baseball career with “part-time” mentality, so the god of baseball also gave back to his corresponding transcript.

In fact, as the “golden time period” of the football court, why is Sanders to stick to the baseball? In addition to achieving personal achievements, as the previous illustration of this article, Sanders naked the right hand football, the left hand ball, but the neck hangs a dazzling gold chain, and the Dollar LOGO of the diamond, but also is not only Realize personal achievements, and also take care of “money”.

In that year, Sanders was 2050,000 in NFL. It was the highest ranking of the total assessment. It can be put in the present, the highest level of horn is the Josh Norman, the annual salary of 15 million, probably Sand. Si’s seven times, although it is the highest, but Sanders is not satisfied, ads, ads, on the show, in 1994 In order to create income, Sanders even sent a “golden time” to sing a car, So you can understand that Sanders’ pursuit of money.

Take a question: Why is it more and less about the left hand in NFL today?

What is the relationship between this issue and Sanders? Of course it is related! Most of the beautiful young people have talented, usually in front of the occupational alliance, as the Sunders, such as the year. Most sensible players can make two choices, usually take into account their future development, and “money”, compared with the right hand athlete, although the left-handed is not a phoenix, but there are not many, when many left-handers are choosing When it becomes a baseball pitcher and quartz, it will make a thinking, and the quadrant will only have one person to appear, and the substitute does not appear, the salary is also very poor; but becomes a baseball pitcher, a team has a team. Nearly ten pitks have the opportunity to come to the field, and the play time is guaranteed, and the salary is relatively stable. In addition, the football field is not very different from the left and right hands of the quarter-off, but the crash of the baseball field is unparalleled in the rugby competition.

These, if Sanders has a game skill on the baseball field, and can provide a considerable salary, will his career choose football? Or Is the choice of Sanders? Is it the disrespect of the big alliance?

In the Commercial Alliance, there is no eternal love, only eternal interests.

MLB-Taylor goodbye home barrier Dodi extension game 3-2 thrilling defeat Rocky

On June 10, the United States, the United States, the United States, the Large League, Los Angeles, Coqi, met the Colorado Squad, under the compression of the two teams Left vote, and the suppression of Ke Xiao, two sides 2: 2 into the extended competition, ultimately relying on TaylorThe next half of the Ten Council from Otvino’s hands, the name of the Barrier, Dodge 3: 2 defeated Rocky and opened the warlet between the two sides came to 1.5.

[Data Highlight]

Rociji team: Freland Six and two-thirds of the second game lost two points, Blackman 3 play 1 hit 1 home run 2 guaranteed

Ke Xiao this year is not good, he has not selected a total of all stars. He has a high quality first 7 leads

Ke Xiao this year is not good, he has not selected a total of all stars. He has a high quality first 7 leads

Dodge Team: Ke Xiao seven games lost two points and one point, Taylor 4 played 2 home homes, Machado 4 play 2

[Competition Review]

Coloradolki’s second game challenged the Los Angeles Dodge Series, the winner of this game will have a lot of people concerned – because the two teams kill in the position of the national Union western region and only 0.5 games, temporary One of the Dao is successful after defeating Rocky yesterday, and the competition in this position can be seen in this position. This game The game of Kylefreeland is strong to the Clayton Kershaw of the Horses of the Horizon. Frelander slowly retrieved the pressure protection after spending a slightly unstable opening season, the self-sharing rate before the competition was as low as 2.96, which can be said to be very There is a pressure, the first year of 2014 can be said to be slowly growing into the team you want. And Koke, one of the most compressed pitches in the 21st century, the most valuable players in the Third Saiyang Awards, have explained his performance, although it is absent in the past three years. The competition, but the self-sharing rate of 2.51 before the game is still proven that as long as it is healthy, he is still the trump card that makes the player.

After the start of the game, Ke Xiao quickly made the visiting Rocky three three, and the second half of the two people were out of the game, Flanders suddenly encountered chaos, first was hit by Mashado. After the two bases, after David Freese, Pingfei in the left outer field of Camp (Matt Kemp) was sent back to Macquarium, but Camp was passed on the right country. (GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRADO PARRA) was caught and did not make harm continue to expand.

The third game has also blown up the counterattack of the counterattack, and the three-handed balls will be held after the four-bad balls, and the two bases have been parked, followed by Charlie Blackmon. Go to the four-bad ball. Next Star Halema hits three types of directions to cause Justin Turner mistakes, and the Hampton’s returns of Hampsen is also leaking. A ball, let Lemao take the opportunity to go to the second base. Fortunately, the next stick, Nolan Arenado, hit the earth, stop the damage.

Brekman's home run is played into the team.

Brekman’s home run is played into the team.

However, Brekman took the speed of Ke Xiao directly to the middle and foreign wilderness in the first half of the five games, and Luoqui had more than a score at this time, 2: 1 leader. But I didn’t expect the next half. In the case of a second base, Taylor’s three types of soft rolls formed inland, and the Arena of the gold gloves of the trend of the gold gloves did not catch the leader. Austin Barnes, the second base, thus moving the ball to the three base. How to make up the teammates can’t catch the ball, take advantage of this opportunity to run back to the home base again.

Ottvino rapidly marched this year, the baseball expert is called a big flying drive, because the landscape of the ball is very horrible, but by Taylor seizes the opportunity to play the home.

Ottvino rapidly marched this year, the baseball expert is called a big flying drive, because the landscape of the ball is very horrible, but by Taylor seizes the opportunity to play the home.

The two teams were behind the two sides and the crowds of cowshed, and they could not easily be a step in the sixth game, although there was a sporadic offensive, but eventually did not end. So, the game was dragged into the extension. In this high-intensity and so important game, the psychological quality of the two sides is greatly tested, compared
to Rocky, Dodge has always been victorious in recent years. The baptism of the playoffs, the rise of the anti-idea of ??the vulnerability quarter is more unexpected, and the big scene is a little less. Therefore, when the ten bureaus, one person is out, Rocky’s layout pitcher Ottvino is a lost scorpion by Taylor, a stick pulls the ball out of the left, goodbye End the game! Dodge 3: 2 defeated Rocky’s hard work, and also stepped on the foot on the rankings, and now the leading lead has come to 1.5 win.

[Two sides starting]


First stick Chinese and foreign wilder, Charlie – Brekman

The second stick Based DJ-Lema

Third stick, Land, Noland – Arrena

Fourth rod left outer wilder Matt – Haplex

The fifth stick

Sixth stick right wilder Grador – Pala

Seventh stick Catcher Chris Yen Tower

Eighth Bar Guards Gerate – Hampton

Ninth Bar Pitcher Kyle Vereland

Los Angeles Daoqi

First stick left outer wilder Chris Taylor

Second stick, three base, Justine-Ten

Third stick guerrilla Manni Mado

Fourth stick, a barrier, David – Fris

Fifth stick right wilder hand Matt – Camp

Sixth Bar 2 Rackle Bryan – Doch

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder enrick – Ernand

Eighth stick two bases, Osding-Barnes

Ninth Bar Pitcher Clayton

[Tomorrow Outlook]

Yesterday, the first game of the Three Wars, the Dodge team took back the throne position of the National Union West. Tomorrow will be the last game of the two teams, and in this outer card list and the battle of the leader of the National Union, the two teams hope to win the series of victories to ensure their advantages in the playoffs. Ming Japan will send Anderson’s play. Anderson’s pre-shooting mechanism had a problem, and the number of guarantees per game was very amazing, but the last face of the San Francisco giant, the six games only lost two points, the focus is that there is no guarantee. Braz is a 7-win 5 loss after being pulled up in this season, and the self-sharing rate is even only 2.88. The previous game faces the outer card competitors St. Louis Luoxue. Good performance of secondary quarters.

MLB logo Silhouette prototype? Not being confirmed with NBA and hosted

The MLB Vocational Rod Alliance in the new season officially opened the battlefield today, so that MLB officially released the 150th anniversary of the new version of LOGO, the main body, still along the silhouette of the MLB original sign.

Talking about the story of MLB LOGO, there is an interesting topic, according to the folk saying, this silhouette is the prototype Fame Player Harmon-Kirleybru, but the MLB official is never recognized. What is the reason behind this?

MLB official new version of LOGO

MLB official new version of LOGO

MLB logo design history

MLB’s symbols were designed by Designer Jerry Dior in 1968, starting from the 1969 season began to use the mlb player’s stadium.

According to Dior memories, the MLB logo is designed in an afternoon. Regarding this design, the people generally believe that the silhouette of the famous member Harmon-Kirgobru, but Dio said to be a photo of a number of players. The reason why chooses this silhouette because it is difficult to say who’s prototype, because this bellier may be a right hand, and it may be a left hand, and even what kind of ethnic is difficult to identify.

In fact, Harnes-Kirgobru and MLB logo are completely consistent

In fact, Harnes-Kirgobru and MLB logo are completely consistent

The logo has been widely recognized, and has never been replaced, except for some teams to transform the color to match the style of the jersey.

Since the MLB flag application, the athletes are based on the red-blue design style, NBA, MLB small alliance, WNBA, indoor football, American figure skating, Canadian Ice Hockey, PGA, Hockey League, Indian Racing Union These logo design styles are accepted.

Who is MLB LOGO?

Harmon-Kiribru, born in 1936, nicknamed killer, position, three base, leftow wilder. Its 22-year-old career is effective in the double city of Minnesota.

Kiribu is a strong fighting hand of war, the home running, the number of homes, the number of high-ranks, and selected the baseball celebrities in 1984.



He is a short-lived baseball hand. He is not outstanding at the 1 meter 8, and the weight of 97 kilograms makes him look strong. His waving has great destructive power, which is the 1960s. One of the players who have the most opponents, and the career has been hit by more than 40 homes. Kirleybru’s strongest season contributed 49 bangs, 140 times, and won the most valuable player award in Madi. He has a total of 13 times in his career.

Kirleybru’s home base is unscrupulous, and he hits the 58-meter home run at the home of the double city. At the same time, only four of the four people can fight the home base to the Detroit Tiger. The team on the top of the left outer field of the team. Although there is a very explosive stadium, Kielebru is a quiet, harmonious man in the eyes of the teammates. When he was asked with business hobbies, his answer was amazing: “It is to wash the plate, I guess.”

In 2011, Kiribru was died of esophageal cancer and was 74 years old.

Why has the silhouette that has been controversial?

In life, Kiribru said that he is indeed a source of inspiration for the MLB logo. He has taken out the double city team 1963 as an example. On the cover of the Shuangcheng 1963 book, Kiribru’s waving posture is completely consistent with the MLB mark.

In order to further prove the correct point of view, Kiribru also recalled the past in the year: “One day in the 1960s, I happened to the office of the League, at the time of the office, there was a male sitting Table. His that there is a photo of my blow, there is a common hand drawing on the newspaper. Does he want to combine the two together, he expresses the design of the big alliance sign. I don’t think too much. Then logo I have been here, I am very similar to me. “

“The only change is the angle of vowel, and they make changes to more catering the sign.”

Kirleybru did not ask the name of the designer and did not confirm whether the flag at the time was based on his image. He has never sought any form of compensation or portrait to the alliance for this matter.

Dior Dior Dior, Dior, who said: “I have never been to the president’s office. I hope that I am using Kiribru’s silhouette, that is great. But the whole process of my design logo is In the office of our company. “Is there a possibility that Dior is used in the photo of the design logo in Kielesbru? “There may be, but it is not just after the design, because I am looking for inspiration in multiple pictures. I hope that I can say that it is Harmon, but I can’t say it.”

How do Kielebru responded to Dior designer? “I don’t know, I only know what I saw. I don’t want to say that I don’t believe in Dior, that is too long ago, maybe his memory is not very good.”

“Harmon-Kirgobru’s statement has been a long time, so I think this saying that the law will continue.” Dior said, “I don’t mind. In fact, this kind is very good.”

NBA is also encountered in this issue

In 1969, the designer responsible for designing NBA logo, Alan-Xiger deliberately designed the NBA logo as the same style after reviewing the MLB logo of Dior, because the NBA President Walter – Kennedy hopes that NBA and MLB maintain a kind of audience Intimate relationship.

However, in fact, NBA’s symbols also exist of silhouettes, 1969, NBA is competing with ABA, hoping to express their uniqueness through the design.

Designer Xihel looks for a silhouette prototype according to the road of MLB logo, and the sports magazine is a good source. A total of all star Jerry Vest has caused his attention. This photo is very dynamic, and the characters are vertical, reflecting the essence of basketball.

However, NBA does not want to admit Jerry West is a logo prototype, as a dead flour of basketball, and Xi Gell believes that he knows the reasons. “They want to institutionalize their institutions ratherning. NBA logo has become popular, becoming a classic, representing the specialty of this sport, forming a business-filled thing, they don’t want to contact someone together.”

The former NBA President Stern Sten said that when the relationship between Wester and NBA logo, he didn’t know whether Wester is a LOGO prototype. “There is no record here.” NBA spokesman Tim Frank is attached.

“I hope that I will never give me a conclusion.” The Los Angeles Lakers said, “I really think so. I have said this, that is, I am flattering with me, I know that is me, But that is flattering. “

“As far as I personally spend, I played in an era of NBA market. They have considered 5 logo candidates, until the president Walter – Kennedy told me this, I only know.”

Although the two LOGO men have not received the official recognition of the alliance,
Weaset has received dual recognition of the designer and time compared to the President of Jielbru. If Kiribu can have such a treatment, I believe that his spirit is in peace.

MLB15 Summary: Red Socks Allowed Jinyu Dodge Damn Silver Wine End Liu Loss

On April 15th, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 14 games. The results are as follows: Ray 8-4 Blue Bird, Space Man 3-2 Sailor, Jinyu 0-4 Red Socks, White Socks 5-2 Yangji, Philadelres 3-1 Marin Fish, Indians 8-9 Royal, Sports Home 7-8 Caval, winemaker 1-7 Dodge, pirate 4-3 National, Sapphire 9-5 red, Rocky 4-0 giant, Tiger 4-6 Shuangcheng, priest 4-8 Route snake, metropolis 3-7 Warriors.

Baltimore Gold Of 0-4 Boston Red Socks

In the first three games, there were no build trees, the fourth place in the fourth game, and then Martinneys knocked out the second base. In the case of 2, three bases, Bugosa’s high-flying sacrifice, sagging the deadlock. The sixth game, Martin, took the lead in knocking out the second base to play, but the top three batters were resolved by Ples, and the Jinjian team wasted the best score opportunity.

The eighth bureau’s red socks once again set off the offensive, Bates and Martinnes’ sashimianship captured 1, 2 bases, Bugosa’s three-year gun locking the victory. The red socks first pitched the pitcher David Prab 7 times, 7 times, there was no loss, get the first victory in the individual season, and the red socks were also completed the second time.

Houston Space Man 3-2 Seattle Sailor

The first game under the niki-Hanigan Yangchun cannon let Seattle sailor take the lead in score, and the sailor also expands the resection of the running season to 18 games. The third bureau undergasting to Santana continuously knocked out the second base to beat, the sailor expanded his lead.

On the sixth game, the top of Camp, Otti, and Bregman knocked out an overlay, and the Branderey’s right foreign field is safe. The seventh game of Shangdiaz’s Yangchun cannon helped space people to attack the leader,
and finally Ausun helped the team to stay in victory.

Marcy is the strongest performance of your career

Marcy is the strongest performance of your career

Colorado Silver 4-0 San Francisco Giant Man

At the third game, the two bureaus of Arrena selected four bad balls, Storery’s second base, let Rocky break the deadlock. On the fifth game, Blackmont and Hampton’s continuous attack account for 1, 2 bases, and Arrecoto stabbed the first home running in the individual season, and the three-year-old gun also allowed Rocky to get 4 to 0 lead.

Rocky first made a pitcher Marquiz, the first five bureaus investigated 15 on 15, the sixth game of the ball and the opponent, the eighth game, the eighth game, the Angria’s place of play, let the innocent game dreams. However, Marques still made an innocent festival.

Chicago White Socks – 5-2 New York Yangji

After the first game, the Alon Jiaqi was guaranteed, and Woit’s second base will let Yangji lead the lead. The third bureau, Totomman’s branch of the barrier, the burst of the Barriquin, and Jiaqi’s timely, the series will expand the score to 2 to 0 lead.

The fourth game on the white socks launched the offensive, and the field will be unstable and the big control ball is unable to make a base after being knocked out and continuously. Tim-Anderson’s full rejuvenation. The fifth game on the white socks once again captured the base, and Abu Rui’s high flying sacrificed expanded the leading advantage.

Tanaka lost the 4th game to the first season next season, and the white stockings were completed, and the cowshed a series of servants who made the white socks and Yangji.

Milwaukee Brewing People 1-7 Los Angeles Daoqi

The first bureau will capture the full colliscation, and the Sino-foreign country direction of Viduo allows the team to win 2 to 0, and the second bureau is on the 6th era in the individual season. .

The third bureau, relying on the continuous placement, the score will be extended to 6-0, the fifth bureau, the napo’s Yangchun cannon to make the Dodge to lock the victory, the eighth game, the Tamas’s high-flying sacrifice, only let the winemaker Reward some face.

Dodge first fell in the Stereglin 8 games only lost 1 minute, the first season, the Dodge won the winemaker and ended his six-game losing.

Strongly hit the juvenile Harper bombard 3 out gun Philadelphians 8-5 Rocky continued to lead the country

On April 21, Beijing time, the US duty wander has conducted a game between the National United Kingdom, and has 5 consecutive victories of Coloradolki to meet the rest of the festival. Philadelphia Philadelphia. The first half of the first half of Rocky gave 1 point, but the post-fame is not good, repeatedly missed some of the hitting opportunities, in the middle of the game, was hung by Philadelphians later, especially the 7th game was thrown into a teenager. Harper. A three-component gun opened the score gap. The end of Rocky is 5-8, and there is no 6 consecutive victory.

Harper three branch directly hits Shenkeoldoo

Harper three branch directly hits Shenkeoldoo

Data highlight

Philadelphians first pitched Alon – Nora Overput 5.2 Bureau was hit 9 security, lost 3 points, sent 9 three-vibration, 6.84, winning the victory. In terms of work, Harper has a 3-point gun, and Geslin has a two-hit, and also earns 3 points.

Rocky first pitcher Antonio-Senztela main investment 6.0 bureau was hitting 7 security, lost 4 points, sent 3 three vibration, the self-sharing rate of 3.55, swallow the defeat. On the territory, Blackmun played the first pretended home run, and the single field was swarcked, and Tapia played a home run.

Game process

1 The second half, the first batter Black Mund will play a goodbye to the game yesterday, today’s first ball is active, the first ball of the other person’s pitcher is active, and two consecutive shots have hit. Luoki first got 1-0 lead.

The second half of the 2nd Bureau, Tapia played a deep high-speed ball, and the ball could have an irregular bouncing after the wall. Tapia lifted 4 base packs and ran out of a field home base. The ratio is 2-0.

In the upper half of the 3 game, Ernande was knocked out a reverse direction when there was a teammate, and chased the score to 1-2.

The second half of the 3rd game, the first 3 sticks before Luokou played 1 point for 1 point. Although after the 2 out of the game, he took place, but the two players were connected by three, and did not add more scores.

In the middle of the 4 games, Philadelphians set off a wave of attack. After the top three battles were playing the best, Gsi Lin played a two-base housing in the case of the base, and the score was more than 4-3.

After the 7 bureau, after 2 out of the game, McCachen and
Ernand were able to play the base, and the previous three somewhere quietly played the price. He arrested a pitcher, a sprout, a rod, resist the homitor, and the three-breaking will change the leading advantages of Philaders in an instant to 4 points, 7-3.

The second half of the 8 games, Rocky rely on a high flying sacrifice to recover one point. Blackmond once again hit a three-stricken to narrow the difference to 5-7. Unfortunately, Luoki still did not send back to the three-base runner before 2 out.

In the middle of the 9 bureau, McCachen faced the Han Cong’s pitcher Wu Shengzhen played a river spring gun, and the score became 8-5.

The second half of the 9 bureau, Rocky is unable to counterattack, and the end of 5-8 will be lost.

Both sides


First stick: left field Andrew – McCachen

Second Bar: Two bases of Sasal – Ernandez

Third good: Right outside wilder Bryce – Harper

Fourth Base: Based on Hand Lis – Hoskins

Fifth good: Catcher JT-Ryormo

Sixth stick: Chinese and foreign wilder Roman-Quin

Seventh: Guerrilla Fair – Groust

Eighth rod: Tablet Michael – Franco

Ninth Bat: Pitcher Alon – Nora


First good: Right outer wilder, Charlie – Blackmont

Second Bar: Sino-Diba Wilder David – Dar

Third Bot: Guerrus Trevo Store

Fourth Body: Tablet Ryan McMarton

The fifth rod: a barrier Mark Renault

Sixth stick: left outer wilder Lemeore – Tabia

Seventh: Two base hand plus-Hampton

Eighth rod: Catcher Dru – Batla

Ninth, Pitcher Antonio – Senztera

Next prospect:

On April 22, Beijing time, the two teams will conduct 4 consecutive wars, and Philadelphie is expected to send Gerard Ekov, and Rocky is expected to send Joan-Gray.

MLB on "Dark Door" showed the leader of the oversized penalty space

Beijing time January 14th (text / ESPN JEFF Passan Compile / Draskar) In the early morning, the Alliance announced about the punishment of the Houston spaceman “dark door”, and then the boss of the spaceman Jim Kim Kmland announced that the release of this scandalThe team general manager Jeff – Luno and the main coach AJ-cousin position.

In the survey, the Alliance has been confirmed from 2017, including the playoffs for the World Championship, including some of the game of the 2018 season, and space people use the camera-based stealing system to profit, Luno and Cousch is thus banned for 1 year. The space of the Spaceman immediately made a decision of two people.

Krand said: “They are not the initiator of this scandal, but they are not moving. We need to wash your heart and we can continue to advance.” But Cland believes that the team’s championship in 2017 is still “clean”. After the two people were dismissed, Cran did not give the timetable for looking for the take.

In addition to the ticket for the management of space people, the league also decided to cancel the two-wheeled videos of the 2020 and 2021 Sales space people, and the ball will also be fined $ 5 million, which is the maximum amount specified in the relevant penalty. At the same time, the Alliance also mentioned in the statement that once Luno or Singge future “there will be any major violations”, they will be included in the league to participate in the league business.

This penalty did not involve the current head of the current Boston Red Socks – Corla. As the 2017 Spaceman’s bench coach, he directly participated in stealing plan. The Alliance will have a similar strict penalty for Colas after the end of the 2018 red stocking illegal use of video playback room.

Although the length of the 9-page survey report mentioned that the whole piece of “dark door” from stealing the darkness to the trash can pass the secret number “player spontaneous” behavior, but the generals of the League Robman Manfrad did not At that time, the players made any penalties – including the players at the time, now served as the New York Metropolitan Coach Carlos – Belchuan. Manfred believes that the punishment of individual players involve Takura, “In view of the reality of players and many players have been effective, the relevant punishments have not operability.” Most of the Belchuan is not asserted.

Kran said that the player will not be punished due to the “dark sign”. After investigation, the Alliance believed that Kran did not know anything about the violation of the team. After the punishment decision was announced, Luno also published a statement. He assumed the “dark sign” in his leadership responsibility, but he insisted that he did not “cheating”.

“I don’t know that such a behavior has been violated … The idea of ??stealing is not the management layer; the behavior such as knocking the trash can also be a player, and the tips from the video are the team bench coach. Practice. I am very disappointed that I didn’t get any related messages before. If I know, I will definitely stop such a behavior. “

Simic today also made a statement, assumed the relevant responsibility and apologize to everyone. apologize.”

Although Luno and Cognoche did not participate directly in the “secret door”, Singge also tried to destroy the key equipment in the “dark door”, but the generals president still gave them the final ticket in history. Luno and Cson will be banned to the next day after the 2020 season World Competition.

Manfred believes that “the baseball operation management and the owner on the field have failed to detect the violations under the hand, and did not establish a team culture of the law inside the team, and two people did not occur during violations. One time stop “.

Manfred also mentioned on September 15, 2017 for the record of red stocking illegal electronic equipment. In that punishment, he mentioned that there will be a similar mistake in the future, and they will be punished more severely. The punishment of this space man is much more than the red stockings in the year.

Manfred wrote in the statement: The whole “dark door” begins in 2017, and the pattern is constantly refurbished throughout the season. According to the survey report, the initial Cola only arranged video players to crack the secret of the opponent cracked by the camera, and transferred the information back to the campaign in the form of a phone or SMS. Employees have a monitors in the Space Man’s tension, which can see the picture of the Chinese and foreign wild camera. “After the players see the real-time image, they will transmit the signal to the player in the form of tapping the trash can. At first, the player was clambles, whistling or shouting as a secret, but after practicing them, they found that the effect of knocking the trash can was best.

The form of knocking the trash can ends before the start of the 2018 season, but “at least part of the 2018 season, the spaceman’s video playback staff continues to use the signal provided by the real-time Chinese foreign video camera to crack the secret number, and communicate the message in the way in the way. Substate. “In the 2018 season, such an attempt to abruptly stop because the player believes that such a form is minimal.

The spaceman did not expect the first pitcher

The spaceman did not expect the first pitcher “anti-water” to explode

The investigation did not find any violations of the 2019 season space, this matter is after the 2019 World Competition, the former space man pitcher Mike Fair is revealed to the media and triggered an unreasonable large wave. Due to this penalty, there is no player in this punishment, and the Spaceman is still a popular team of the World Competition. At present, their odds and Los Angeles Road is flat, only behind New York Yangji.

At the same time, the Alliance also announced the punishment decision for Brandon-Tao Bamman against the HKS Assistant General Manager. After the end of the Federation Championship last year, he was dismissed by space people because of the improper remarks of female reporters. Tao Bamman was put in the list of alliances, and of course he can make re-duty requests to President after this year’s World Competition. After the re-duty, he will have a violation of the rules, it will be banned by life.

In the survey of Tao Bamman incident, Manfred pointed out that the spaceman’s baseball operation department has a big question: “Although no one can question the baseball operations under Luno leadership in the data analysis field, but I am very clear, there is a big problem with the relationship between the department, and other teams, media, and external stakeholders. It is the environment of the team’s operational department to breed the violation behavior of the ‘wonderful door. “

MLB4 daily view Frequency broadcast too late VS winemaker two tigers

Beijing time on September 4, 7:40, the Milwaukee Silver Strong Team in the Melon West District, the Milwo Sacred Strong Team, which is the 2nd game of the competition, the first game space team 3- 2 wins. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

[Battle Review]

The Milwaukee Sprong team was in the World Competition last season, but in the National Union Championship, it was defeated to the Los Angeles Dodge. This season’s wine troops Johnshan, but the two strong brigade of the country in the country did not let, the winemaker was weak after the sect of the session, and the head name of the St. Lusi Ms, the backward partition, second 4 games in the Kitcorno Cabin Team. The wineman is more than 50% of the winning rate, but the fragmentation is -39. The alliance only has the Philadelphia team as a winning ratio of more than 50% but the slogan is a negative (-14) team.

The Houston Space Card is the World Competition of the 2017 season. In recent years, the Unstrettable gesture has been collected from the New York Yangji team 90 wins this season. The ace of the space team first happened Justin Virund Just in the blue bird’s court, it was a third timeless playing competition, and became the sixth place in the history of the league. It is also the first in the history of the same guest. Two pithers in the two games.

[Game points]

The winemaker team just in the same district competition 2 wins and 1 winning battle, the first game of the series, although the strong enemy Houston Spaceman 2-3 was defeated in the 10th Bureau, but the spaceman also won Not easy.

The two tigers meet, whoever defeats or unknown.

[First, Pitcher]

Houston Space Strong Pitcher: Zach Glangi (14-4, self-blade ratio 2.99, three vibration 158 times, 29 times, each game is orthy with 1.01)

The Houston Space team first pitcher Galanki is not strange to the Miller Stadium. 16 wins and 4 losses, self-sharing rates 3.32, however, he is only 1 win and 4 negative in the case of the battle of the Warring Corps (8 times). This season Glanki has sent 4 wins and 0 loss after being traded by the Arizona Radi Snake Team, and only a winning 5.2 games of the battle of the war 5.2 games. As the highest-ended first firing of alliances, his largest comparison coordinates in the space team is Willland and Cole.

The Milwaukee Wine Fortress first pitcher: Jordan Leers (9-8, self-blade rate 4.55, three vibration 122 times, 47 times, each game is orthy with 1.36)

The winemaker team first pitched Llesbon is a rookie signed in the first round of the first round of the Houston Spaceman in 2008. In 2011, the first show, the 2013 holiday period was traded to the Colorado Squad. This will be the first time of the Lles career.

Socialist people! Owen issued 6 pictures, working hard for racial struggle, spare no effort to promote your girlfriend brand!

Beijing time on December 3, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been carried out for about 40 days. Due to the refusal to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, the basketball star Owen has always been in the state of the unable to play. He has absent the 21 games in the basket network, and the record of 15 wins and 6 negative rankings.

Although I can’t play, I’m not idle in the field, and he is very active in social media. In the near future, he has released more than 10 pictures in just two days, and the type is not very the same. Earlier this earlier, Owen once again released 6 photos on social media.

In the four photos released in Owen today, I can see that Owen is still working hard for racial struggles. The first photo is the “Black Panther Party] of the Black Panther Party, which tries to change the world through his own strength.

The second photo is written: “Be careful, vigilant!” What needs to be explained, natives also refer to the old European people to call the people who live in a certain place before the white.

The third photo is tears in the eyes of a black girl, and the fourth photo in the three generations of blacks are wearing a crown for the next generation.

It is worth mentioning that Owen released a photo of a black struggle yesterday, this photo got a variety of NBA stars including the Nets Durant, Warriors Green, etc.

After two photos, I Ovin did publicity in the clothing brand Herkaiandi for my girlfriend. This brand wrote in the statement: “We are in pursuit of fate, but we don’t define your specific pursuit, but to support and encourage each other in individual journey, we can lead everyone and connect everyone.” I have to come out, Owen’s girlfriend is also very my own. Owen is also helping girlfriend promotion in this way.

In addition, at this earlier, the famous reporter Shams reported the latest situation in Owen. He pointed out that the Nets have been selling Owen, but there is no team is willing to take over. Unless Owen is traded, he can not appear in the game, and Owen has still not vaccinated the willingness of vaccination. The original words of shams said: “Irvinian is still far from the vaccination!”

It can be seen that the fans cannot be expected in the short term.

James two missing killing + three plus time to defeat! The number one Zhan Hao is crazy, and 13 pilot is ridiculed!

Beijing time November 27th, the 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. In the battle of the Western Focus, the Lakers and the Kings experienced a three-way battle, and the final Lakers 137: 141 wishes to the Kings, the record became 10 wins and 11 losses, and the win rate re-falling below 50%. .

The Lakers today will lose the ball at home, and James has a poor relationship. On the game, James came 50 minutes, 25 shots 10, three of the balls only 13 in 13, free throws 11 8, only 30 points 7 rebound 11 assists, the number of lost characters is as many as 7 times, the positive and negative value is only -7!

Before the end of the regular time, James missed three-pointers. At the last moment of the first overtime game, the Lakers’ leader held the leadership, but James first was off-attack foul, then continuously lost two-pointers, including a round that can determine the winning and losses. After two consecutive misses, the
37-year-old James physical strength has also had problems. He only got 3 points in the second overtime, and 4 points in the third overtime show, and it helides the Lakers to save the defeat.

There is no doubt that this loss is very bad for the Lakers. During this game, the famous commentator, SKIP named “Total Zhan He” released 13 thrust, which was mostly criticized by James and Lakers players.

One of them said: “James once again missed the three-pointer before the end, this is the third time in his two games, he is a goose (goat)

In addition, SKIP also satizes James’s outer wire today, but also said “James quickly saves yourself!” After the end of the game, Skip wrote this in the last one: “The Lakers lost to 7 wins and 12 losers at home, they have too much to celebrate and cheers, especially Wei Shao!”

In any case, the defeat of this game has not been retrieved. For the Lakers, the most important thing is to lay a good next game. According to the schedule, the Lakers will meet the Ponator on November 29th.

1 2 3 11