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For most people, the past few days are the old and new, celebrating the arrival of 2019, but for the Japanese pitcher Chry Chrysanthemato, he all in the city of Jade City and Seattle Sailor to sign a contract. Matter.

According to the latest report on ESPN, in the local time New Year’s Day, Koxiachi and sailors have finalized a three-year contract, officially join the big alliance. The sailor currently has no official confirmation, and the amount of the contract has no news.

The regular rules have the time limit Chrysanthemati signing contend

Chrysanthemati is one of the top free players in the winter break. He served as a first-behaved pitcher in the eight-year career of NPB, with a record of 74 wins and 48, and the https://www.mlbtrikot4.com self-blade rate is 2.81. His main weapon is a 55 mile-to-bottom straight back, with a quite massive proportion.

According to the current inquiry system, the player must talk to the MLB team within 30 days after the listing, otherwise the application will be withdrawn, and the membership of the player and the Japanese Professional Baseball (NPB) team continues. Jane Chry is listed on December 3, last December 3, so his negotiation period as of January 2. Specifically, the 27-year-old Zuo Dote must be completed in the US Pacific Time. On Wednesday afternoon (Beijing time on Thursday at 6:00 am, he will return to the West Wulian, participate in the NPB League in the 2019 season.

Juchi stayed in Los Angeles for two weeks, meeting with some teams, and his agent, famous “Vampire” Skot-Polas (Scott Boras), and even dressed in https://www.mlbtrikot4.com Annheim duckling jersey I watched a NHL game with the lady. Lenovo also situated in Annheim’s angel just lasted the “two knife” geniors Big Gu Xiangping last year. This is not exempted to feel that Jiachi seems to be intended to be teammates with the big valley.

However, the Chrysanto has appeared in Seattle, and the sailor launched a deep conversation, and did medical examination in the last day of 2018. Finally, after a few days, the two sides reached a paper contract. According to existing messages, the initial period of this contract is 3 years, including the player options of the 4th year (2022), but this option is also possible to convert the 4-year full guarantee period, so that the entire contract period is 7 years.

The Seattle Sailor team has many Japanese players.

The Seattle Sailor team has many Japanese players.

Shareholders have been a Japanese player https://www.mlbtrojerse.com in Seattle.

The sailors have long been a team with a deep Japanese origin, a well-known Japanese game giant, from 1992 to 2016, is a sailor’s shareholder. Since 1998, there are at least one day player in the sailor, including Suzuki, Rock, Town Island, Sasaki, Hao Hao, Changguchuanoti, Green Mu, Kawasaki Zongze and Suzuki.

In the past seven season rock, the long-term treatment of the sailor is the first firing of the sailor. However, he has been dealing with the shoulder injury. In September, he announced an end MLB journey and returned to Japan’s opportunity to seek continued career.

Although I don't know that Jichi Xionkin will not attend MLB Japan, he is a record of Left vote 157km / h in NPB will hang in Japan.

Although I don’t know that Jichi Xionkin will not attend MLB Japan, he is a record of Left vote 157km / h in NPB will hang in Japan.

There is no Japanese player in the 40-person list of sailors, including the legendary superstar https://www.fanbutikk.com Suzuki, which is transferred to the Special Assistant of General Manager last May. This month, the sailor will be with the Auckland athletic at the Japan Tokyo Juji, the earliest opening series, the two teams are allowed to have three players in the 25-person list. It is expected that he will also get the team’s invitation. If one can show a certain competitiveness, he has at least the opportunity to enter the list of unveiled a series of warfare.

Jerry Dipo, General Manager of the Sailor, also pays great attention to the sailor and Japan’s tradition: “Like Sasaki, a loud, Xiong (rock nickname), they come here to become a star, they also bring the market. We And the Japanese-American community has a close relationship, whether it is Nintendo or the Japanese superstar brought influence to the team, until now this connection https://www.mlbboutique2.com is very strong. “

Di Poto, General Manager of the Sailor Team, is very far-sighted. He has worked a multi-quality transaction such as Segula and Kano. Last year, he recruited Suzuki to Seattle.

Di Poto, General Manager of the Sailor Team, is very far-sighted. He has worked a multi-quality transaction such as Segula and Kano. Last year, he recruited Suzuki https://www.b2bshopp.com to Seattle.

General Manager Dipo 兴 兴 追 意 满 满

As early as the winter meeting in December, Dipoto showed his intention to fight his intentions: “I don’t think Chry Chry Chry Chrysach will sign a short friend, he should be able to cooperate with us hope he did, but now I can’t tell you. He didn’t think about Western Jattle. He is very good, he uses his own endorsement, he has a genuine pitching content in Japan. In these years, he is one of the largest Japanese players, because he has been waiting Japan has not come out, we have a lot of archives. “

Last year, the sailor spent a lot of strength to fight for the big valley, even for this, https://www.maillotspascherfr.com I didn’t hesitate to survive a large number of international players to sign the money, and the valley chose the Los Angeles angel. Even so, the sailor is convinced that he is quite advantageous on the Chrysanthemum.

Dido commented on the winter meeting: “We are huge markets for any players, really, especially pitcher, especially a pitcher from Japan. Relying on the team’s profound tradition in the city, we It can provide unique convenience for players. And we can maximize the influence of Japanese players, whether it is from market perspectives or a community perspective. “

池 星 起 先 大 大 大 大

池 星 起 先 大 大 大 大

Sailor intends to quickly rebuild Jasper Pool will become an important puzzle

Di Poto said yes, Chrysanthemu is really grabbed by the sailor. Since the end of the season, the transaction frequency has cleaned up many major https://www.fanstore2.com
contractors in the general manager in the big alliance, and the players who have a young cheap player in the generation. Dipo intends to rebuild the team, but don’t want to wait too much time, so his transaction is based on the players who have become a combat force short-term. Under his plans, the team can remember the competitiveness in 2020 or 2021 after a short rebuilt, or after adjustment.

Although the thoughts, the concept of introducing Juchi and Dipoto is not a rigid seam, especially the 2019 sailor may plan to be turned, but Ju Chry is really in line with the needs of the sailor. The sailor just sent away James Parston, which was only a year of the team, lacked a ripe left.

Chrysanthemati has a good propeller and speed super population

Chrysanthemati has a good propeller and speed super population

Before the Xiwu Lion Ace, 27 years old this year, as long as Juxi is https://www.trikotskaufenn.com healthy, it can be reasonably expected in the next few years to continue to hand over the performance of the third level. Anyway, next year, the sailor does not matter, just take the transition period as Chrysanthemum, and then expects him to show high quality level since the post.

At present, there is no formal news about the contract price. Considering that his broker is called Polas with your heart, it is possible to speculate that the price of Chrykech will not be too cheap, but it is never a high price level. The sailor is not a poor team, they don’t want to make a long time, completely afford to invest moderate investments in Chrysanthemum. Can he successfully adapt to a new environment like Rock During treatment, and it is essential to the dream of returning to the season.

Juchi Xiong stars were photographer to watch the ball in NHL Annheim ducklings. Many people expect him to join hands in Los Angeles. I didn't expect him to suddenly join Seattle sailor.

Juchi Xiong stars were photographer to watch the ball in NHL Annheim ducklings. Many people expect him to join hands in Los Angeles. I didn’t expect him to suddenly join Seattle sailor.

How to compete for other teams

Several West Coastals were involved in the gossip of Chrysanthemat, now his goen has been determined, and the follow-up movements of these teams become very interesting.

I can’t always interrupted the reinforcement of the wheel value and the depth of the pitcher. They pursue the process of the cereal, and the angel has also successfully helped the two knife teenagers quickly red. Now they already have Matt-Harvey and Trevo Khael, but these two have a year of short-lasting right pitks, and the valleys in the injury cannot pigeon in the new season. Therefore, during his stay in Los Angeles, General Manager Epper is likely to negotiate with Chrysanthemum. Now they still need the first hair, no matter whether they are left.

The San Francisco Giant’s baseball operation chairman Farhan-Zadi just came from the job, this executive of the four-year general manager in Los Angeles also took the time to familiarize with the new east, the current round value looks enough Stable, this may be the cause of the giant does not particularly actively pursue the cause of Chrysanthemum. But don’t forget, although it is not completely put on the countertop, the giant’s wins Madison-Bonhamner has the possibility of being traded at any time, so they have the need to sign the needs of the left.

The San Diego priest in the reconstruction continues, they also chase the “Thunder” Nova Sindgard and the Cleveland Indians of the New York, Cultun, Coke, Coke, Coke, Coke They are all thunderous heavy rain. The farm ranks in the forefront of the priests are eager to have competitiveness in the future year. Now there is no synnari, the general manager AJ-Pradeler should consider Dallas Kaket, this old will be in addition to their own strength, can also help It is a young teenager who will immediately rise to the big alliance.