28 times of relief of him, crazy brush new intentions, retired, fighting with leukemia

It is easy to think that the Master Mihailovic is easy to think of the hats playing. One of the three main penalties in the single game, there is actually 2 people in the history of Zi A. One of them: one is Mikhailovic, and the other is the top of Italy.

Yugoslavia is a football fertile soil, Mikhailovic is from this land. In the 1990-91 season, Mikhailovic took the European championship with Belgrade Red Star, won the championship of the European Champion Cup, and the star gathered in the Belgrade red star in the time. In addition to Mihailovich, Savichovic, Pan Caif, Probinnezki, Yopovich and other good hands.

In 1992, Mikhailovic, 23-year-old, came to the architecture, at the time of his 23 year old. Mikhailovic, Rome, Sampharia, Lazio, International Milan, spent a player’s career in Series, a total of 14 seasons.

Mikhailovich’s feet in the division, a total of 38 balls in Serie A, which is a free kick, and Mikhailovic and Pirlo have maintained a free kick together. Record.

Mikhailovic player career appeared on December 13, 1998, at that time, he was a three-time left foot of the left foot of the left foot of the left foot, and the Sampdorian door will not be Chelsea Jersey saved. At the time, 29-year-old Mikhailovic, positive value peak.

Lionel messi trojor

In the 1998-99 season, Mikhailovic scored 8 goals in Serie A, which is his up to the top a season. After the 1999-2000 season, the mismar of this free kick was 6 goals in Serie A, with the champion of Sergeture League. At that time, Lazio was quite luxurious, Mikhailovic, Nesta, Nedvede, Belon, Salas and other stars.

After 6 seasons in Lazio, Mikhailovic transferred to the International Milan in 2004, eventually ending the player career in Summer 2006, and he was 37 years old.

After retired, Mikhailovic quickly embarked on the road to coaching, and continued to stay Serie A, and now he is the Bologna coach. In 2019, Mikhailovic unfortunately had leukemia, and then began to accept chemotherapy, and struggled with the disease. After returning to the coach, Mikhailovic is obviously a lot.

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Liverpool trojor
Liverpool trojor
Liverpool trojor
Liverpool trojor
Liverpool trojor
Liverpool trojor
Liverpool trojor

"European preliminaries" Switzerland VS Italy

Original title: “European preliminaries” Switzerland VS Italy

Time: 2021-09-06 02:45


The Swiss national team predecessor Partkovic is in this summer, the European Cup rate team is hosted into the top eight, and the euro cup resigned after the handicapped A Porndo Club. 46-year-old Swiss legend, former international Murat Yakin as the Swiss national team coach after the 2022 World Cup to sign his contract. Switzerland has just defeated the Greek team 2-1 in a warm-up match, and the captain Zhaka’s new crown test results are positive, and he missed the friendship with the Greek team. Switzerland got two consecutive records in this group, defeated Bulgaria and Lithuania, and ranked second in one round. The group has the existence of Italy. The Swiss team competes Koszulki Chelsea for the direct line of the group’s head name. They must grasp the opportunity to face the direct competitor.


Italy has passed the European Cup, and finally defeated England, and the championship of the European Cup, Lasten Jalkapallo pelipaidat Italy is no longer. This lineup assembly, Italy doorholded Meret due to lumbar spine fracture, team striker Botyi with injury to the Italian national team. Italy’s four rounds of the world’s preliminaries, the main scene of Bao Bulgaria, 16 minutes, small Kasa, 40 minutes, Bulgaria hit a score, after Mancini has experienced many times, but Bulgaria Zhongzhi City, the Italian team is unable to break the deadlock, Italy Helpless harvested a single game, the team’s current preliminaries won 3 wins and 1 failed, and continued to lead.

[Recommended results]

In terms of the history of both parties, Switzerland has recently faced the defeat of 0-3 in Italy, in the psychological place, but the status of the team is not good, nearly four events remain unbeaten, but Asian data is still Italy. Make -0.5 medhere, completely ignore the recent state of Switzerland, combined with the data given by the pre-match institution, this service is optimistic about Italy is expected to be the mainstay.

Asian disk recommendation: Italy-0.5

Score recommended: 0-1 0-2 1-2Return to Sohu, see more


Koeb fodboldtroejer
Koeb fodboldtroejer
Koeb fodboldtroejer
Koeb fodboldtroejer
Koeb fodboldtroejer
Koeb fodboldtroejer

11/29 SMG football sweeping recommendation: 4 games in Monday, the score, score, score, pre-judgment analysis, look red

The heart has a bright light, and it will not be lost, and you can refuse the darkness, timid, and have a clear mood, a win belief.

Successful flowers, people only shocked its current bright; and the initial buds were soaked, and the tears of struggles were filled with bloody rain.

Although you are just a nicker now, as long as the heart is high, after a few followers, it will always occupy blue sky.

Hello everyone, I am Afa, the recent context is frequent, steady and stabilized, from SMG for many years, I don’Camisetas de futbol baratast have a amazing feat, and there is no more praise, the ordinary giving me a flat experience, but the places of moving, but Always incentive, I am grateful, thank you, and the apical

001 Ufa VS Mosbad

Prediction score: 0-1 (SP6.40) 1-2 (SP7.25)

Total goal: 1 (SP4.05) 3 (SP3.60)

SMG recommendation: negative

analyze:Umfa and Mosbad have a slightly lack of competition, and both parties have also difficulty in stronger, this two teams have a strong taste, and the Moscow train head is in fullness, the team Billiga Fotbollstrojor is in a victory The status, plus strength is better than Ufa, this data is just not deep, Mosbad has problems with weak advantages, but it is difficult to get data. Initial analysis, the presentation may change, the personal center of gravity is more recommended

002 Elfsburg VS Solna

Prediction score: 1-0 (SP7.00) 2-1 (SP7.75)

Total goal: 1 (SP4.15) 3 (SP3.50)

SMG recommendation: win

analyze:The history of the two teams, 3 times, 3 times, Solna achieved a total advantage, the advantage is obvious, the djeCji dresovi index does not give Solna’s support, give Elfsburg to enter the market, the rear market index is in the high trend, the European finger Low positioning, the current form of the Rui Chao League is unclear, if the team will lose the possibility of competing for the league champion, see the winning and negative pattern, the home of Elfsburg

003 Estoril VS Santa Clara

Prediction score: 1-0 (SP5.25) 2-1 (SP7.75)

Total goal: 1 (SP3.90) 3 (SP4.00)

SMG recommendation: win

analyze:The promotion of the Saima Estorel in the Saima Champion showed the strength of the Black Horse. At present, the team league has achieved 11 battles 5 wins 5 wins 5 flat 1 loss, the Santa Clara this season is only winning 11 battles 1 win 3 flat 7 losses, The offensive end scored 7 goals, and the game was less than a ball. It lost 23 balls, and the defense line capabilities were equivalent to the virtual, which gave a certain support of Estorill, the home battle, optimistic about Estorill’s home. Win

004 Gornian Athletics VS Bahia

Prediction score: 1-1 (SP5.00) 2-2 (SP15)

Total goal: 2 (SP2.95) 4 (SP7.50)

SMG recommendation: win

analyze:Bayia is currently in the downgrade, it is necessary to jump out of the downgrade. At present, the crops only give the main team flat hand disk, follow-up to 0.25 disks, not too friendly for the leaders, so I’ve been able to refund the Bayia

The above analysis is purely personal, the brothers of different opinions can be free to match, I hope my point of view can help everyone, welcome to talk about it!

Camisetas lionel messi
Camisetas lionel messi

8:11 | brokerage predict Apple iPhone 11 Pro will reduce production by 25%; Netflix gets nominates from 17 golden awards; Amazon is called Trump’s prejudice to lose the million contracts

Big company news

Rosen Brat securities: Apple reduces the iPhone 11 Pro reduced production by 25%

On December 10th, Beijing time news, Rosenblatt Securities released the lic wage revision 2020 latest news latest investor report, detail the market’s expectations of these new phones and Apple’s iPhone 11 production plan. Zhang Jun (transliteration), An analyst (transliteration), Rosen Brat securities, said Apple is cutting as of December 2019 and the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro MAX yield as of June 2020, the reduction in production is the highest 25%. The analyst said that the decline in production may be because the user’s interest in 4G smartphones decline. (Sina Technology)

Amazon sues: Trump’s prejudice makes it lose a million US dollars contract

Beijing time, December 10, early news, Amazon I initiated an accusation, US President Donald Trump has biased Amazon, and imposed soybean news “improper pressure”, thus making the US Department of Defense will be A high-profit cloud contract worth $ 10 billion awarded the company’s competitors Microsoft. (Sina Technology)

Netflix Nominated 17 Golden Globe, first won the best movie nomination

Netflix gives the best movie nomination for the first time on the Golden Globe Monday. According to the nomination list of the Golden Globe, there are four Netflix produced by the film Nominated: “Marriage Story” “Pope” and “Irish” have been nominating by the best movie, “My name is multi.” Take the Music / Comedy Best Movie Nomination. The Netflix has gathered 17 nominations, while HBO gathered 15 nominations. (Sina Finance)gwalior election news

“Irish” stills

Electronic smoke manufacturer JUUL is valued by waist

Beijing time on December 10th, according to media reports on Monday, the private equity company Tiger Global Fund has reduced its valuation of the electronic cigarette manufacturer’s JUUL LABS INC to $ 19 billion. Reported siliguri times today news in hindi to quoted people said that the reduction occurred in the end of September this year. Juul has been in controversial in the near future, and the company is accused of highly contributing the popularity of electronic smoke in adolescents. In addition, the United States has exploded a mysterious lung disease associated with electronic cigarettes in the near future, and consumers have begun to question the safety of electronic cigarettes. (Sina Technology)

Tencent launched “Weearth Super Earth” to create digital satellite clouds

Recently, Tencent United Global Top Technology Co., Ltd. Satellogic, Basket Technology, and Aerospace Science and Technology Hawk Group officially deoria news today amar ujala launched “Weearth Super Earth”, which plans to form a local observation network including 300 satellites in the next few years. Through the world’s first “exclusive satellite” service for government agencies, research institutes, technology companies, provide “unpacking” remote sensing service experience. (First Finance)

Google faces the latest survey: 4 employees were dismissed by Thanksgiving

As early as December 10, the US National Labor Relations Committee stated that the committee has launched a new survey for Google’s practices in labor issues. The content includes whether Google has recently dismissed 4 employees in violation of the US Labor Law. In addition, the committee will also investigate whether Google does not encourage employees to participate in trade unions. The survey was conducted by the committee in the Auckland regional staff, which is expected to take about three months. (Sina Technology)

Windows10 mobile office applications will be officially terminated on January 12, 2021

Microsoft announced that Windows10 mobile office applications will be officially terminated on January 12, 2021. At that time, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote will no longer receive any error fixes, security updates, and technical support. These applications are still running, but they cannot be installed on new devices. In addition, Microsoft will end the technical support for Windows 10 Mobile on December 10. (Fun)

Windows10 interface

Storm Group: There is a risk of disclosure of 2019 annual reports within the statutory time.

36 I learned that the Storm Group has issued a suggested announcement that is suspended on the listing risk. As of now, the company has not yocked the CFO and audit agency, and there is no risk of disclosing the 2019 annual report within the statutory period. According to relevant regulations, listed companies have not disclosed annual reports within two months from the date of the expiration of the statutory disclosure, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange can decide to suspend the company’s stock market.

Morgan Stanley layoff approximately 2%

At the end of 2019, Morgan Stanley is straightening about 1,500 people worldwide, accounting for approximately 2% from all employees of the line, which is one of the means of driving efficiency at the end of the Nathe. This layoffs operates mainly in technology and operations, but also include sales, transactions and research, etc., which is about to be abolished, including several-subsided departments and inter-regional executives, and even New York and London office have not been spared. For the purpose of reaching, the Datong planned to pay $ 1.5-200 million in the cost of layoffs in the fourth quarter. (Finance Federation)

51TALK third quarter net revenue is 400 million yuan

36 learned that the Financial Performance Report of the 2019 third quarter of the 51TALK is shown that the company’s overall net revenue is 409.2 billion yuan, NON-GAAP net loss is 0.018 billion yuan, a year-on-year reduction of 97.8%; business cash flow 123.2 million yuan to create a new high More than 124.9 billion yuan from the same period last year; a pair of business first realized Non-Gaap profit, net profit was 0.027 billion yuan. Mr. Huang Jiajia, founder and CEO, said that the main growth engine in the third quarter is a Physical Youth Youth.

Thanks to the circuit optimization, 2020 iPhone or increase battery capacitySouth Korea’s The ELEC reports, 2020 iPhone 11 models are expected to adjust the battery protection circuit to the original half size. The external speculation, not only can release the internal space of “iPhone 12”, but also to plug in a larger capacity battery (slight increase). It is reported that the battery protection circuit helps prevent the battery from overcharged or excessive discharge. (Cnbeta)

Investment and Financing

Focus on enlightenment English, English little god children won tens of millions of A round financing

On December 9th, the enlightenment English brand English small prodigy (hereinafter referred to as Xiaoshen children) completed tens of millions of A round financing, the investor is EGP Mingyu Ventory (EGP Mingyu Ventory is the former Dishi’s Siwei Investment Chinese team). According to the sprout database, English goddess is obtained in 2018, the authentic fund’s angel round financing, as well as Pre-A round financing of Blue Lake capital, and acquired the Guangzhou June Science and Technology in March 2019. “business. (New bud)

Iraq is financed by 10 million US dollars-level financing by XVC

Video Love Die APP “I] Recently completed thousands of US dollar A + round financing by XVC. Previously, Yedan had completed tens of millions of A-round financing, which was treated by Lanchi. “Iraq” App is launched in 2018, specializing in the sinking market population, providing real-time video interaction and blind date.

Focus on the field of Poct, micro-policy completion of nearly billion yuan financing

On December 9, the micro-policy completed the financing of the RMB of nearly 100 million yuan. Yang Rong, chairman of the micro-cutting bio founder, said: After the financing of this round, the micro-policy will continue to strengthen the R & D investment, and further develop product layout in the field of POCT. At the same time, micro-policy will speed up the global market layout and market penetration, provide high quality and high-quality products, and strive to become a leading brand in the field of POCT. (Investment world)

New product

Qualcomm Release Supports 5G extended reality equipment chip

Recently, US Qualcomm Company announced in its Snapdragon Technology Summit, announced the launch of chip “龙 XR2” specially built specifically for virtual reality helmets, saying that this is the world’s first extended reality equipment special chip. (Jingjie)

Vivo’s first dual-mode 5G mobile phone will be launched on December 16th

36 讯, vivo vice president Liu Hong introduced that Vivo’s first dual-mode 5G mobile phone is the X30 series and will be launched on December 16. The world’s first A77 architecture Exynos 980 dual-mode 5G AI chip will be in the series of mobile phones. In addition, X30 will also support 60 times zoom. In addition to X30, Vivo will also release a variety of 5G terminals in the first half of next year.

Other important news

Beidou Core Constellation is deployed at the end of 2019

During the 14th Congress of the International Committee of the United Nations Global Satellite Navigation System, China announced at the meeting that this year’s Beidou No. 3 will complete all medium round earth track satellite launch tasks, Beidou Global System core constellation is completed, 2020 North Hand Global System Completely built. (China News Network)

The first batch of 23 mobile financial APP pilot filing list released, ant gold service, TenPay, Jingdong column

Mobile financial APP filing pilot work has begun. A list of 23 pilot filing lists show, 16 bank financial institutions (including 5 state-owned big rows, 5 shares, 3 city commercial, 2 farmers, 1 Agricultural Credit Association), 4 Securities fund insurance financial institutions, as well as antity, Tencent’s Tenpay, Jingdong Dialuk, these three non-silver payment agencies in column. (Brokerage China)

Shenzhen release area block chain electronic license application platform: 24 types of common electronic certificates

Shenzhen Unified Administrative Service App “I Shenzhen” released the block chain electronic license application platform, the platform has achieved 24 categories of resident ID cards, resident account books, etc. Regular electronic certificate, avoiding the “multi-sports leg” The embarrassment, while protecting the people’s personal privacy as much as possible. According to the Shenzhen Municipal Government Service Data Management Bureau, “I Shenzhen” block chain electronic license application platform supports online access, offline access, authorizing other people’s useful forms; offline service license support support There are more than 100 high-frequency government service issues such as fertility registration. (Xinhua News Agency)

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Camisetas Paris
Camisetas Paris

C Luo, Fati is in use, this "gun" is aimed at football

Special reporter Xu Hao report AK47 is a lot of guns in the face of YYDS, and there is a “gun” in the past two years in the sports field. It is a must-have item for sports enthusiasts. This is the fascia gun – earliest popular in the fitness circleIt has now begun to penetrate the popular exercise and recovery technology to all sports projects.

What is a fascia gun?Then I will know the fascia.The fascia is a close connective tissue, which wraps muscles, muscles, blood vessels, nerves. It is like a lubricant, helping everyone’s physical exercise. It can be described as a whole body for the human body.When everyone has a movement for a long time, the fascia is not relaxed, and the long-lasting rakesh asthana news long-term flexibility will deteriorate, dehydration, adhesion, contracture, etc., which also reflects a series of strains and lesions, such as fascia., Skeletal muscle pain, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases.

Fascia Fascia Gun Gun was originally derived from the English. Principle is through high frequency vibrations break up adhesions fascia, accelerate blood circulation, relax muscle tissue. Compared to using traditional foam roller or ball fascia, fascia gun technology for more precise and deep fascia and muscle relaxation. And the result of “gun” shape, so that the product aroused the most curiosity. Fascia gun “gun”, due to the high-frequency striking shape design and function name. Mostly fascia market handheld guns to strike ssb news rate per minute back and forth movement of 2000-26000, an amplitude of about 16mm. Fascia with a gun, also offers various massage adapters, thereby to massage different muscles and fascia area.

As a result, different from the traditional massage equipment, fascia gun main function is to relax the fascia. As defined in medicine, the fascia is a connective tissue, collagen is the main constituent elements, usually attached to the skin below. Fascia divided into three categories: superficial fascia, visceral fascia and deep fascia. Simply put, fascia main function is to reduce friction between the muscle tissue to help muscles recover better.

vrl logistics newsThe reason is that the need to relax the fascia, the body or local muscle damage after high-intensity exercise will produce adhesions, this is the way to protect the body muscles, but also hinder the recovery of muscle or fascia of protection mechanisms. Therefore, a way to relax fascia also prevent sports injuries.

Fascia gun birth time is not long, Hyperice regarded as the originator of the brand which, it was his family successfully fascia gun onto the altar. Hyperice first product will be free to develop their own NBA players use. When players come to rest, the audience from the televised footage will see their idol use a gun as a tool to relax the muscles, these NBA star’s fan base throughout the world, at least 10 million, as long as they use the asianet news careers product, They are likely to be fans crazy imitation. Successfully in many fans, but also fitness enthusiasts in grass Hyperice this wave of marketing.

Subsequently, this was originally a small minority of fitness products are sought after more and more fitness enthusiasts, fitness more users to become its advocates. – Friends of the circle, the fascia to relax, and even become a ritual after fitness indispensable.

Any movement of goods will not ignore the huge football market. Hyperice last year reached the Premiership, Tottenham became the official supplier of rehabilitation. Are particularly excited when Tottenham player was faced with a pile of rehabilitation “black technology” products, the fascia Davis also took a gun and Son Heung-Min joked, the Korean chuckled.

Fascia gun Another veteran brand Theragun more in June this year successfully signed C · Lo as its brand ambassador. As a leading global fame shooter, C · Luo’s ability to control the pitch and the pursuit of perfection of the spirit admirable, how to keep the world’s best place in the law of the jungle camouflage of strong competitors, C · Luo will relax the body to recover in the first place. C · Luo disclose their occupation Evergreen partly due to the use of the most advanced technology to recover the body. This hand-held gun and fascia impact massage equipment, help speed up recovery, prevent injury and improve overall athletic performance, it has also become C · Luo daily recovery tool.

As early as 2017, when Real Madrid C · Luo also the founder Theragun doctor, Jason has a gun to promote their fascia Real Madrid player and coach. Jason was surprised to find that the original C · Luo long been using their brand foot massage ball. Xiangfenghenwan, especially to doctors Jason C · Lo Hoi special treatment, taught him how to best take advantage of the fascia gun to help them speed up the recovery routine. Gradually, doctors Jason C · Luo won the trust and eventually became his athletic resume consultant.

“My body is my weapon to victory. Want outstanding performance, you need a higher degree of recovery.” C · Luo explain the reasons for their so brand teamed with Jason. Now C · Luo has been customary to use their own brand endorsements of massage products, focusing on the legs and feet for recovery.

Seize the football market fascia gun is not just foreign brands, local brands are also action. In April, Yunmai technology and Barcelona player Anso · Fathi formally signed, which has become a global spokesperson Yunmai fascia gun.

October 31, 2002 born Anso-Fathi, 10 years old to enter La Masia training camp in August 2019 to complete the La Liga debut. In the same year September 18, the upcoming 17-year-old Fathi starter in the Champions League away game against Dott game Barca in, breaking the history of Barcelona Bojan held the youngest Champions League starters (when Bojan Champions League debut 17 years 22 days ) record. 2020 September 7, Spain in Group D Euro Class A National League second round match against Ukraine, 17-year-old Fathi behalf of the Spanish national team game, and with a wonderful world wave broke into the first grain harvest national team ball, Spain became the youngest scorer in team history.

In November last year, injured and Real Betis game, Anso · Fathi was told torn left knee meniscus, the 18-year-old teenager has had multiple surgeries, after nearly 10 months the rehabilitation was able to return to the game. During recuperate, Anso · Fathi exposed to massage the fascia gun, from rampant, and ultimately to cooperate with the cloud Maida.

August 5 this year, the official declared Messi left Barcelona, ??who will inherit a time of 10 livery bowl Barcelona, ??has become a hot topic in the circle. September 1, Barcelona announced the honor to Anso-Fathi, who will wear the number 10 shirt Lionel Messi once fought the Spanish and European competition. This is not a simple dress of Anso · Fathi it, but that he’s capacity has been recognized by Barca, he will be focus on training as Macy’s successor, and became the focus of world attention. The cloud wheat, the signing of this six months ago really turned a profit.

Now the team has begun to spread in Europe and America use fascia gun, but with the proliferation of C · Luo and Anso · Fathi influence of these players, I believe fascia gun will be accepted by more and more amateur football enthusiasts. After a hearty game, you will take this “gun” Treat yourself to it?

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Koszulki lionel messi
Koszulki lionel messi
Koszulki lionel messi

NFL football chief of the fourth quarter reversal 31

On the morning of February 3, the 54th Super Bowl was started in Miami Hardstone Stadium, and the two Federation of Alliance Champions Kansas City chief 49 people in San Francisco. The final chief 31-20 completed the big reversal, and the last 50 years won the super bowl of champion, once again hoped a super bowl Wens-Lombarti Cup.

gulf news malayalam

Mahmos was selected by the super bowl of MVP, and he was only 24 years old. He was also the youngest super bowl of MVP in NFL history, and became the youngest player in the regular game MVP and Super Bowl.

tripura news today

Wonderful review of the competition

The first competition, 49 owner’s teaching Kyle Salunhan uses pakistan cricket news in urdu tactics to help the team continue to advance, the road attack firepower is open. However, the chief has to prevent death in the end area, only 49 people get a free kick, Robie-Gould be 38 yards, 49 people 3-0 chief.

The second wave of chiefs gradually retrieved, Patrick Mahms repeatedly connected close to Tel Avis-Kelish into the red area, facing 1 code, Mahms himself The fake movement deceived opponents, scorpion reached score, and the chief of 7-3 leads 49 people.

The kairali news channel second game started, 49 people committed a big mistake, Jimmy-Garobolo was pressed by the pressure of the pressure by the Chief Corner, Brazz, Bridide, the chief, through the four stages Strongly entered the Red District, play the ball Harrison – Bartke 31 yards, score 10-3.

49 people attacked the second festival pavement, and the last game rushed out of more than 200 codes plus 4 Dalun, the Runma-Merstet rushed out of the first attack, and the Garobolo wiring Wei tamil political news Baiji Zhu Zek completed 15 yards, 49 people slammed the score of 10-10.

In the third game, 49 people took the lead in launching offensive, with a few connected lines of Garobolo and George-Kitel, and finally by playing the ball in Guard, 42 yards, 49 people retrieve 3 points Leading advantage, score 13-10.

Mahmus passed a major deviation, directly by 49 people, Guid Walner Co. After 49 people, the four-point guard, the first half of the past half, the pass almost hundreds of hundreds, several times, pushed to the red area, Merste Tit Tettan Duo, score 20-10.

In the fourth game, when the chief saw the chance to see the score, the external hand Taili-Hill brought down by 49 people safe Wei Tata Valius-Moore.

In the offense of the chief after this, Mahmus is headed by Hill to the key first attack, and finally found Tel Avis – Kyle, score 20-17.

In the last 5 minutes, Mahms was born to find Sami Waterkins into the red area, and then found the Run Tmian-Williams completed the reachable, score 24-20.

There is still no longer left, 49 people do not fight, after the hand is handed over to the ball, the chieftain runs away from Williams again, and the killing competition is rushed out again, score 31-20. In the end, the chief of the axiate the score of 31-20 to finally won the 54th Super Bowl champion.

This is the first “double red club” in the super bowl, and the main color of the two teams is red. The chief won the championship to create history, and it will win again in 50 years. This is also the first crown of the head coach Andy – Riddles, and picks up the title of the king.

The youngest super bowl MVP

The chief quarter of the Saxonymus super bowl is sealed, only 24-year-old Mahmus was elected a super bowl MVP, “Magic Kid” contributed 42 pass 26, passed 286 yards 2 times , Plus 1 shocked ball reached the bright performance, helping the team to win the super bowl of championship again over 50 years.

As a football fan, James also focused on this year’s one NFL drama. After the game, he first congratulate the chief of the old handsome Andy Reed.

“I am sincere happy for great Andy Reed, congratulations to the old handsome!” James wrote on his own twice.

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Kansas City Chiefs trikot
Kansas City Chiefs trikot
Kansas City Chiefs trikot

Why are MLBs with NY and LA points?

english news live Why are MLBs with NY and LA points?Because the teams represented by NY and bihar news in hindi hindustan LA are different, NY is the sign of the New York Bay team, and the full name is New York Yankees, LA is the sign of the Los Angeles Daoqi team, the full name is Los angeles dodgers.MLB tamil galatta news channelis originally a baseball league in the US, but now is a brand of shoes from South Korea.Art is basic, found in 1997, attributable to South Korea’s F & F Group Corporation.

Chicago White Sox trikot
Chicago White Sox trikot
Chicago White Sox trikot

Pirates QB Tom Brradi is the hardship of the oldest NFL quadrant in 2021

Finally, Tampa Bay Pirate Team 4-point Wei Tom Braddy was hit: he is a real old man, in a league delhi curfew news who saw the large-scale youth movement.

In his latest episode, let’s go! In the podcast, Breddy was shocked by the number of young quadrupers that entered NFL and served as the first position. Although it has been like this, it is not used to hear it after the person who calls the pirate team. Young man’s name.

Based on the current trend, Tom Breddy admitted that with more and more young players, he will also be forgotten.haryana school opening news The 44-year-old pirate star is the largest player and quarterfield in the alliance.

It is worth mentioning that even if Braddy retired today, he is not too likely to be forgotten. After all, he has consolidated his position as one of the best QBs ever. Unless someone defeated his winner’s mentality, he won seven or more super bowls, otherwise he will always be the greatest QB ever.

In addition, not everyone forgot Bris, voting news live Manning, and even Rivers!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers dresy
Dallas Cowboys dresy
Denver Broncos dresy

What is the weight of the woman’s lead ball?

Numerous children around hindi news prayagrajthe world are enjoying the pleasure of waistballs. Just like street football and basketball, this football really doesn’t need a lot of regular venues. Just find a piece of empty, draw up up to the array, find two straps don’t be in the waist, the children can play. Compared with formal football, its rules and tactics are much simple, but don’t mean that players don’t need brains. They still need dense dodge and tacit cooperation, teamwork is especially important in rugby action.

1. The ball movement is tehran bangla news todaythe most basic action of rugby. Before doing this action, you should bend your knee, your eyes stare at the arc of the ball, you can’t leave the ball.

google news kerala

2, when the ball is about to come, quickly open the arms to the ball, the palm is completely opened, and the finger is extended. Keep your body slightly touched or stand up, then brought the ball with both hands.

3. Before passing, keep the knee microscopic curvature, move forward, then look at the time and position of his own player, take force to shine.

4, after the ball is filled, whether the ball is passed to the player, and runs quickly, ready to catch the ball and pass it, to ensure that one of your own is the biggest score.

leeds transfer news

Some people say that rugby can’t develop in China. But in fact, in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, the middle school students are enjoying this game. In an offense once again, they cheered for each yard that advanced, and hugged each other. A student’s mother said that the child has changed since playing football, full of joy. She looked at the inner way, struggling to run on the court, and she was excited to shouting for the team outside.

tea news

In fact, football is the same as football basketball. It is enough to attract a lot of Chinese to re-recognize it and fall in love with it. Children’s waist flag is a fun game, they enjoy sweating and success. Every attack and obstruction can make them stronger.

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New York Yankees Tr?je
Los Angeles Dodgers Tr?je
Los Angeles Angels Tr?je

At 3 am!Big Paris is also turned over, Dana Ramma low-level mistakes, and lost the ball for 4 consecutive games.

Because many American players have not yet returned, Pochtino is only half of the substitute lineup.However, although Mbpe, Vila, Erela, Donar Ramama and head line news today other super superstars are in lineup, but Paris has won 4780 euros of prize in Paris that doesn’t seem to be big.Just 4 minutes later, Mbpe on the basket, this has the opportunity to shoot, but unfortunately the ball flew to the correct direction and was caught by the door.In the European Union Cup to news competition, Mbpe helped the French team to win the championship, a decline of the European Cup, his next goal is to make full preparation for Paris.In the absence of the main strikers such as Messi and Nemar, Icali also had the opportunity to start.After 18 minutes, the on the left side released the FC.In the google new first half of the game, the big Paris at home did not have much advantage. Although their respect was 10 times higher than the opponent, there was no great threat to the offensive end.

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